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    I have a friend with a SSR,the hood trim just fell off.It is plastic and I cannot figure out how it was mounted.It has four clips on the hood,they are not flat and I cannot see any glue remnants or heat marks on it.I was looking for info before going to dealer.
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    Thanks,I sorry I ask
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    I just did a quick search on google, which brought up information on From what I can tell, there should be 3 plastic studs that hold the trim piece on the front of the hood. It is very common for these studs to snap off, leaving the studs and nuts still in the hood. Many owners choose to epoxy or JB weld the studs back onto the trim piece, but I believe it can also be purchased from a dealership for about $100. Hope this helps.
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    gorilla glue

    Thanks,I did not know where to look except here.When I looked at thats all I could think to do without going to the dealer.I appreciate your effort.

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