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    Hi guys, hope someone can shed some light on this to save me some time. I know its electrical but really don't have a lot of time to drive 20 miles to/from dealer to troubleshoot and correct. Truck is an 08, Silverado CC Southern Comfort conversion. The only other mods are a Volant. I don't drive the truck that much except for roadtrips. She has about 22k miles on her.

    Here are symptoms:
    In Drive, just after pulling out of garage foot on brake chime sounds "parking assist off". Did this a few days prior to roadtrip.

    In Drive, in traffic, foot on brake, chime sounds, DIC reads "stabilitrak off". It did this about 6 times while in traffic over a 90 minute period. (Cross Bronx E-way sucks by the way!)
    Once I got back on the highway it was fine for remainder of road trip out. Cruising 55-70mph. At destination for short trips, no incidents.

    On way back after about 250 miles of highway, in traffic for about 10 minutes with foot on brake, chime sounds, DIC reads "stabilitrak off".
    (Did I mention the Cross Bronx E-way sucks?).
    This time after traffic cleared it shifted super hard into 2nd gear, then again at toll. After about 75 miles on highway I had several stops at lights etc. and each time it banged 2nd gear hard. Tried a restart truck at traffic light but it was a fast one, shut down, restart, same thing.
    Stopped truck to unload gear at buddies house, shut down for about 5 minutes and it shifted fine for ride home.
    Called dealer already, have appt to take it in so they can pull codes but in meantime I am looking for any insight.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Dealer picked up truck and of course, it ran perfectly. They could not duplicate the issue but did find a code for a sensor in the torque converter. Inspection found no reason for code though. So I guess when it breaks good, it will be able to be fixed. Gotta love technology!
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