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    I'm sure whether Stabilitrak was on/off is probably logged somewhere! Thanks for adding the Federal insurance codes; I thought that was the case but I'm no insurance expert...

    From that article: "The NHTSA requires all passenger vehicles to be equipped with ESC by 2012..."

    This means on all vehicles prior to those produced in/for 2012 ... it's optional. It's probably required on any vehicle whose shows it it as a 2012 or later...

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    It seems that since it has been a progression and it was not installed as optional equipment that it was required as they progressed. My TB has it on there and it is an 06 so GM has been building it up for years. Like I said I am sure there is a way to put a switch inline to keep it off until you want it on. I can see where that would be real handy off road when you are out in the sticks say on a hunting trip or something.

    I have actually had more problems with the ABS out on the trails coming down some of the mountain trails, slipping on rocks and what not.
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    "Stabilitrac being on a vehicle is a requirement for 2012 model year and later, but with the addition of a simple override or shutoff switch use is considered optional. And as such since use of the system is optional an Ins. Co. can not require use of such devices or deny insurance claims for non-use unless there is a specific rider attached to the Insurance policy which the insured would be required to sign off on specifically and individually, said rider can only be placed on a policy if there is reasonable cause that could preclude the non-use of traction aiding devices would cause an accident or injury resulting in an insurance claim.

    I got this from a Lawyer friend of mine that specializes in vehicle accident claim suits against Insurance Companies, it seems the issue around traction devices has been a legal thorn in the side of Insurance companies for some time, they've been attempting to opt out or share expenses with manufacturers for accidents if they can prove a Traction device was faulty or not in use at the time of an accident. So far all they've been able to do was create secondary defendants of the manufacturers when ever theirs been sufficient proof devices were faulty but not clear themselves of financial responsibility.
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    Now that is some nice information to know.

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