Stall, quit or die 2007 tahoe 5.3L.

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    Hi everyone:

    Bought my Tahoe brand new Jul 2007, on my firts trip 2008 hot summer 110F, climbing high mountains 15 miles from bottom to the top, and in the middle all of the sudden the car acted as it ran of fuel, engine quits. Fuel tank almost full, engine temp normal, restart it after couple of minuets, it started and after 1/4 of a mile it dies again. it took me 20 min to go up the mountain after several starting attempts.
    At the top I rested for 30 min and resume driving, everything is fine, engine started and drive smoth, all miant interval done on time and perfectly.
    It does this in climbing high hills and in hot days, second time this happend on summer 2009 and third time was 2 weeks ago, other than that my 2007 Tahoo runs perfect.
    Some told me it is the fuel pump, does that when it gets hot.
    I did not check the fuel press nor done any tests, I will do that soon, till then I wish you could guidr me to the probbable cause, and what is the cure. Thank you for the assist.

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  2. Pikey

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    Did you have a dealer look at it if it happened a year after you bought it? Was it still under warranty then? I would guess fuel pump issue also. Are you in an high altitude area?
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    The dealer wouldn't look at it because I did not bring the car for several scheduled intervals (25k, 30k,,,,,,,,,,, up to the end of warranty 60K) due to high cost of maintenance at the dealer (I done the rest of interval maintenance at a local car service).
    The dealer will check that problem and fix it for free if I paid the nearly $1200 for the service interval I did not do at their shop.

    I am not at high altitude area, I live at coastal city, but 3 month ago I was driving in the downtown with A/C on showing one of my friends around, I spent almost 1.5 hour driving kinda slow in the jam, the engine quits suddenly couple of times like it ran out of fuel, it restarted little slow , I kept driving with A/C off. I guess it is the the fuel pump when it gets hot, it does that, what makes it hot?, is it cools in the tank bu the fuel?.
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