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  1. mojomaki

    mojomaki New Member

    help, my 95 suburban idles just fine in P or N but sputters in gear especially when you give it gas... has new fuel filter, ran good then took a crap, put new throttle postion sensor, ran it home ok got up and it was right back to the beginning...
  2. GaryL

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    You could have a weak fuel pump or even a plugged catalytic converter.
  3. TMRuiz

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    I had that same problem with my 95 k1500 Suburban, turned out that it had a bad plug wire and it was shorting out on the manifold. Hopefully you can find your problem before it cost you $$$$$
    Good luck
  4. 2COR517

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    Have you done a recent tune up? Genuine AC Delco plugs ONLY. NAPA Blue Max wires. Cap and rotor - AC Delco is the best, and usually no more expensive than NAPA. Also, timing is adjustable on the TBI.

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