Standard Cab Truck + Subwoofer Setup?!

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by MiDiablo, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. MiDiablo

    MiDiablo Member

    Okay guys, I searched back 5 pages of threads and didn't find anything on this...

    I've got a Standard Cab Truck, and I'm wanting to install some form of Subwoofer Setup in the vehicle to aid in my listening pleasures!

    I've got a single 12" Audiobahn DVC 700watt subwoofer, and a single 12" box that it's mounted in. But it's still too large to fit between my center console and the rear of the cabin. I know that JL makes a "Stealth Box" with like a 10" or 12" sub that replaces the jump seat portion of the center console (or so I think) - but it's like over $500 (not reasonable, IMO).

    Wanted to see if anyone here has anything in a Standard Cab. If so, what? Pics? Ideas? Links? Dimensions?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. 95CTburb19

    95CTburb19 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    they make truck boxes that go behind the seat that are much more narrow than a regular box but you lose your jack.
  3. Rumpamuro

    Rumpamuro Rockstar 100 Posts

    thats not true everythign includign jack stays there, it fits right behind the seats i posted pics of mine in the thread for systems.


    Theres one shot, you can see the jack under the amp, and the tools under the sub, which is no hassle to move btw.

    Oh and you can also see my im tired im going inside those wires arent that visible where the floor and back panel meet lol.
  4. MiDiablo

    MiDiablo Member

    /\ Yeah bro, that's what I'm looking for... Two of those, and I'll build my own Amp Rack between them if I have/need to.

    Where did you get that? What did you pay for it? What kind of sub is in it? Does the sub "bottom out" under loud bass? Does it sound good in the pickemup?

    Sorry so many questions; just very interested in getting some thump in my truck! :D
  5. 95CTburb19

    95CTburb19 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Mine is old body style bench seats and the site said I would have to get rid of the jack.
  6. asstda2b

    asstda2b Rockstar GMTC Chick 100 Posts

    In the 1990 silverado i had (have) i had two of those boxes behind the seat. but in mine, we lost everything behind the seat. i liked it and it sounded nice. didn't have any trouble with it, but i only had it a short time. so can;t say for long term.
  7. MiDiablo

    MiDiablo Member

    Well I found a Kicker pre-fab, pre-tuned, ported box, with an L5 Square sub at my local stereo shop for a good price. I'm going to consider it heavily tomorrow, and make a decision. I got a quote for all of the following:

    Clarion Double Din CD/MP3/iPod Player
    Dash Kit / Wiring Harness / Etc.
    Kicker 6.5" Components (Mid-Bass Drivers; Tweeters; Crossovers)
    Kicker 4x6" Rear Speakers
    Kicker 3 Channel Amplifier
    Kicker L5 Square Sub in Truck Box
    Installation on all, and installation of my Power Inverter (for my Laptop), and they're going to hard-wire my Radar Detector as well.

    Said they could do it all for $1,500. So I'm going to shop around a bit and see what I can come up with ;)

  8. MiDiablo

    MiDiablo Member

    WHOA! I shopped the EXACT parts on eBay, and INCLUDING SHIPPING on these same exact items - I will save over $300!! That's insane. Guess I'll be buying off of eBay, and just try to take it somewhere to get installed when it all gets here :(
  9. Rumpamuro

    Rumpamuro Rockstar 100 Posts

    I bought the box and sub at my local futureshop, i dont think there are any of those in the states, but thay are the same thing as best buy canada, so they nmight have them, the sub is a pioneer shallow mount 10" theres no bottoming out, no imperfections, it sounds amazing, the only thing id reccomend is try to make the box stay as firmly to the wall as possible, even if you have to mount it to the back wall, because mine was loose, and the sub would rub against the seat and tore the material a bit, in the long run it mightve made a hole if i never realized it.
  10. MiDiablo

    MiDiablo Member

    /\ Good info! Thank you!

    I saw another member here (can't think of who/which thread) that had built a mounting base for their box behind the seat. It was made from PVC Conduit, IIRC. Looked clean and sleek; definitely keeps the box sturdy/firmly in place!

    So, as I mentioned above - there was some major price variations on what I could buy the components for myself, versus buying them from the local Audio Store. So I have begun ordering some things for my own!

    I upgraded the Head Unit choice, from a Clarion unit to a Kenwood. I've decided to go with all Kenwood and Kicker components in the truck. Here is a link to the Kenwood Double Din unit that I just bought:

    Free Shipping, Seller has a 99% Positive Feedback, and this is/was the unit I originally wanted to get - but it was previously priced much closer to the $300 range! My cost on the Clarion (lower-end model) that I was going to get was to be $205 and it didn't come with a remote. I got this one for a few bucks more and can't wait to get it!!

    That's it for now... Gotta wait for the H/U and my Laptop Mount (Jotto Desktop Stand/Base/Pad) to get here before going hog-wild with ordering more stuffs!


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