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Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by mouserfou691988, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. mouserfou691988

    mouserfou691988 New Member

    my 1992 suburban 1500 is having a hard time staying running. i've already replaced the fuel pump and i know it has good pressure. when i start the vehicle it stays at 1500 rpm and goes down until it dies within about 15 seconds. im thinking that the distributer needs to be replaced but im not sure. i need this vehicle to run asap so any response would be great. please help!!!
  2. Cableguy

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    If money will allow I always go with Plugs,wires,cap,rotor,fuel filter,air filter just to start at ground 0. So something silly doesn't hold you up in troubleshooting. Plus your probably not sure when they last were changed...
    Who knows it could be something simple as a tune up.
  3. mouserfou691988

    mouserfou691988 New Member

    ok so if the car is started it is fine till it starts to idle and then it dies. the truck just refuses to idle no matter how long it is used. i've heard that vacuum lines could be clogged so i think ill try using sea foam to clear them out. could sea foam clean out my vacuum lines? and how do i do it?
  4. 909

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    Sea foam isn't going to fix a clogged vac line. According to this last post, i'm under the assumption that it will continue running if you keep your foot on the gas pedal. When you let off so it runs by itself, it dies. Is this correct? If it is the case then fuel pressure/flow isn't your problem. I need a bit more info on the exact specifics of the problem before making a recommendation. Is the "check wallet" light lit up? will it idle with tha A/C on or does it die sooner? Please post as much specific information on what's going on when it dies so we can figure it out.
  5. mouserfou691988

    mouserfou691988 New Member

    it is May 15th and yesterday i went out with my dad to try and start the truck again. we replaced the fuel pump, distributer cap and rotor, and spark plugs before trying to start the suburban. after jumping the trucks battery we were able to start it but it died as soon as it went to idle. i had heard from one of my college buddies who owns a 93 gmc jimmy that the MAP sensor might be bad, so i pulled off the vacuum line going from the MAP sensor to the intake manifold and started the truck again. It idled just fine and didn't die. i went to NAPA Auto Parts and bought a new MAP sensor and plugged it in. after the truck was running we sea foamed the gas tank and throttle body and everything seems to be alright. idle is still kinda rough, so i pulled off the only other vacuum line going to the throttle bodywhich leads to the EGR Valve and Solenoid. i think they might be another problem causing the rough idle. i will be testing those soon with a vacuum pump to see if either of them need to be replaced. thanks again for all the help.

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