Starter and rearend help 99 4X4

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by deancf, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. deancf

    deancf New Member

    Hi guys newbie here, well thats not all true, haven't been here for a while so I forgot my username.
    Purchased my silverado new and 118,000 miles later and shes giving me a few problems, Noticed it started cranking hard so I thought it was the battery it would start when the engine was cold but today it just clicks, a few days ago it did this and jump started with no problems. but it did set long enough to cool off. made sure all conections were clean, so is it the starter?
    Also last month had the pinion seal replaced, NOTE: I always made sure the lube was full, but after having the seal replaced 2 to 3000 mile latter it started howling, it doesn't matter if your on the gas or off, the holwing pitch is the same could the garage have messed this up in anyway, by too much torgue on the nut. Would it be the pinoin bearings, I do appaicate the help. We were to go fishing this next week, a trip we have been planning for almost a year now, OH SO SO SAD.
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  2. dsfloyd

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    so did you replace the battery? cuz it seems like what it would do if bad. I know at times with the starter you can hear it spin but no cranking if its going bad and not engaging
  3. deancf

    deancf New Member

    the headlights don't even dim when tring to crank it over.
    I would like to test it but its sitting in our daughters school parking lot right now. I do have a new charger that lets you see the voltage, When I get it home I will test the battery and make sure there is correct voltage down on the starter terminal.
  4. deancf

    deancf New Member

    charged and tested battery its OK, I can here the solenoid kick out but the starter won't spin, I'm taking it out this afternoon, but the rear-end scares me, if the bearings are bad how much of the filings prematurely wore out the gears.
  5. deancf

    deancf New Member

    had to replace the starter and all the bearings in rear end, now, just last night a pheasant breaks my windshield. We need some good luck, anyone have some they can spare :great::neutral:

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