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  1. rickp

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    I'm getting readsy to replace the starter on my 02 Tahoe LT 5.3l Flex Fuel. I got a starter from Advance Auto but I want to get some reviews about this brand. If it absolutely sucks then I'll return it, but if it will do then I'll install it.

    The starter is from ToughOne. It's a rebuild. Anyone ever hear about these guys??

    My other option is to get one from the internet. The brand I keep coming across is Replacement and Powermasters. The price difference for all these is significant, so any info on these would be appreciated, especially ToughOne which is the one I got from Advance Auto.
    Here is the site with 2 of the brands. 9987 4294962955 9248
    BTW, I tried to google ToughOne and got nothing, which is not a good sign in my book.

  2. Pikey

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    World wide changed their name to toughone. Every toughone product I have purchased has been crap. I went through 6 of their alternators in 2 months. Some of them had bad bearings right out of the box. Others had charging issues. I spoke with the managers at 2 of the Advance auto stores near me. They got to know me pretty well over the course of 2 months and 6 alternators. They both said that they have had major issues with toughone and worldwide over the last few months. Things like opening a remaned box and finding that it was a dirty core that someone returned. It had never been rebuilt. They said that this happens often. Alternators that come out of the reman facility with bad bearings in them. Alternators with broken cases shipped to them. (happened to me) Starters with bad solenoids, broken connector studs, or not remaned at all. They both told me that they have heard that advance may be trying to get rid of toughone. Although they said that worlwide has great A/C parts. So, bottom line, i would stay away from them. I had autozone duralast starters in a few trucks and never had an issue. I have never used the starters posted in your link.

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