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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by cliffdavis1, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. cliffdavis1

    cliffdavis1 New Member

    2003 suburban, trying to change the starter but i can't get it to clear the bell housing. Won't pull out far enough, wires are still attached. Do I have to unhook them first? I can barely even see the connections let alone get a wrench on them.

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    I did mine 3 month ago,,,and yes...its easyer to unhook the wires, on mine i unhooked them from the top .

    ITS A PITA:erf:
  3. cliffdavis1

    cliffdavis1 New Member

    Pain in the a**. Should have paid someone. How did you get to them from the top? I can barely see them through the wheel well.
  4. cliffdavis1

    cliffdavis1 New Member

    I put it back in and ended up going to my local mechanic. Glad I did, Auto Zone had given me the wrong starter to begin with. My mechanic laughed at the auto zone starter. He said it was a piece of sh**. He got me a Delco starter for just 20 bucks more and 70 for the install. I learned a lesson about Auto Zone!

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