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  1. rwdelling

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    1996 K1500 pickup, 5.0L. Quick question: when I turn the key, all I get is one click… not a series of clicks, just one. I have full power in the truck: lights, windows, etc. My thought is that the starter is done for. Correct?
  2. tbplus10

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    Not necessarily you need to see if your actually getting power to the starter.
    If your getting power to the starter then you need to determine if the starter solenoid is bad or if the starter is not able to turn due to being jammed by something internal.
    If you arent getting power you need to determine wher the power is interrupted at a fuse relay bad connection faulty ignition switch faulty neutral relay switch.
    Basically youll need to do a little troubleshooting before running out to throw parts at the truck.
  3. zippstripp

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    Give this a try. Have a helper hold the key in the start position. While doing so crawl underneath and try rapping the starter with a hammer. Not real hard,just a firm rap or two. It may nudge the the starter past the dead spot. If it works a new starter is in the future.
  4. rwdelling

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    After all was said and done, it was a very dirty and corroded positive battery cable that was the culprit. However, I went ahead and put a new starter on anyway because the original one was on there and it was starting to crank irregularly. Thanks all!

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