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  1. Enrouk

    Enrouk New Member

    Hi everyone,

    i have a 2001 tahoe with the 5.3l v8 engine 4x4, the problem i have here happen 2 time this winter, i try to start my truck with the remote starter, they start, run for half of a second and stop, my engine heater is plug, its not about a big cold outside.

    so i try to start it with my key, same problem, they start, run for half of a second and stop, no miss fire, i check all my fuse, everything is ok, then they start and everything is ok, a month later, same thing, a few tap on the top of the dash, key barrel, fuse box and a good punch on the gas tank, and they start.... when i turn the key to ignition i can hear normal opperating sound of the fuel pump....

    i remember last summer i heard my fuel pump as been louder than normal, a punch on the tank and up we go......

    do you think they can by the antitheif system on my key the can be the problem,.......i want to see if i a commun problem, and where to star.....
  2. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    it could be the anti-theft system or it could be a fuel pump problem. I would borrow a fuel pressure gauge from an autoparts store and check out the pressure. I believe that it should be at least 55 psi.
  3. Enrouk

    Enrouk New Member

    ok, i will check the fuel pressure first, i will give you the update on this...thanks
  4. deerslayer3503

    deerslayer3503 New Member

    I agree with pikey check your fuel pressure and if you have issues start with replacing the filter if you have an external filter if not the filter may be built onto the fuel pump assembly, might be that or could be the regulator on the fuel pump

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