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Discussion in 'Car Insurance Reviews' started by murdog94, Jan 11, 2011.

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    I have been with State Farm for 10 years now and have had good luck as well as good rates the entire time. I havent (fingers crossed) had a collision yet, but have had 3 comp claims and all of them were taken care of quickly. Here in MN our glass coverage falls under comprehensive, and has no deductable which is nice for the MN winters where your windshield picks up a crack from either the cold or road debris. I am also a face to face person when i have problem with something with my car, and having an agent who i can go to and complain to when im not being treated right has been very good.
    I have shopped around for other insurance just to be sure i am getting the best deal and saving the most money, and after 10 years with state farm i havent been able to find anyone who is willing to come even close to the same rates for the same coverage. in fact USAA who i can also get wanted $400 more per month which at the time was 3X more than what i was paying!
  2. dsfloyd

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    I have been with state farm for 12.5 years (since i was 16) and my parents (which is why I started when I was 16) have been with them for over 30 years. I dont even bother looking at others when I have heard peoples complaints of their monthly payments. I have full coverage on my 04 silverado, 02 nissan altima and 03 nissan altima, and liability only on my 60 land rover and only pay 185 a month. being a younger male my wife is on the chevy and its only like 45 bucks a month. so I have zero complaints on cost. I had one fender bender about 5 years ago, so in my early 20's and my rate only went up a couple bucks a month. When my truck was stolen 4 years ago it cost probably 22,000 in repairs and rental cars and my rates never increased and they were very easy to work with. when they originally gave me a payoff quote they also listed the other trucks they were referencing for a price. One was a wholesale or something listing from 4 months previous that was about 12,000 less than anything I could find, which obviously would drop there payoff. when I called them on that they agreed and dropped that off the average. Also my truck had 18000 miles and everyone of theirs had 50k+ so they also adjusted for that. I didnt end up taking the payoff and went with the repairs but was very pleased at the fact that they worked with me on the payoff amount with no arguing or bickering. It was actually a dmv issue (still wasnt registered in my name since the truck was stolen 10 days after I bought it from a dealership) that held up the payoff, and right as they were about to overlook the truck not being in my name with the dmv (almost a month later) the truck was found. So they waited and had the truck shipped back from Arizona to look it over at my request. After that they said I could get it fixed or take payment. I had it fixed (which took a few months and they paid for rentals the whole time). Sorry for rambling on but just wanted to give an extreme example and how pleased I was with the entire process.
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    I to have State Farm for my carrier. I have had no issues what so ever with them, and anytime I have a question or a problem I simply walk into my local office and get it resolved. It also helps that I grew up with the local agent. Recently changed vehicles on the policy, and it was a very quick matter of walking in and telling them what I wanted done. They also had no issues when I messed up and removed a vehicle when it shouldnt have been. They gave me no problems about putting it back on the policy with no extra charges for the month it was off ( according to policy I should have been charged another deposit) I currently have 3 vehicles with them and I am very happy with them.
  4. dsfloyd

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    I should add to my previous post that my "local" agent has been almost 600 miles away for about 7 years (moved from Northern California to Southern California), just havent ever needed to change, even when dealing with the whole stolen truck thing. I call the office when I have questions and have only once walked into an office down here. A couple times I have called and if one of the ladies who answers the phone in the office cant answer the question and tells me she will call back in 5-10 min. with an answer, I actually get a call back in 5-10 min with an answer.

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