Steering Clunk Fix for Chevy Trucks

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by skinner, May 7, 2009.

  1. Dr_Zero

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    What years does this apply to?
  2. Captain Bones

    Captain Bones New Member

    I am new to this forum as of 7/18/09. I own a 03 Silverado Extended Cab. I signed on to find a solution to the @#%&*#$@ clunking problem in my steering collum. I found many post about this issue which surprised me as Chevy claimed I was the only one having this mystery problem. I used the post by Skinner to add a grease fitting to the steering collum. IT WORKED!! I was at the end of my rope. If this didn't work I was headed down to the local Ford dealer and trade it in. The technology available in todays trucks is amazing. Satalite Navigation, anti lock brakes, even my rear view mirror knows to automaticly dim if the guy behind me has his brights on. But they can't make a steering collum that works correctly. No wonder GM went bust.

    Captain Bones
    Chesapeake Bay Maryland
  3. Offshore24

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    That's the first mod I've read about for this that makes any sense. Some are taking the shaft apart, greasing and putting it back in. Seems like way more work than would be necessary. I've got a good rattle in the column when turning at speeds approaching 20 to 35 mph and it's not right. I'm still under warranty so I guess I'll try dealer first and if replacing the I shaft doesn't work I'll try the DIY method. Thanks.
  4. Tunnelmotor99

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    You're not alone, we had the same problems with the saturn Ions and Vues. To this day I still don't think GM has figured out how to make an intermediate shaft that doesn't clunk.
  5. Captain Bones

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    The only modification I made to this fix was I used some expanding foam "great stuff" to plug up the end of the shaft where it connects to the steering box. I let it harden up over night and added more grease the next day.
  6. Tight Lines

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    I have searched and wondering if I have this problem. My steering doesn't clunk per say, when I turn it almost feels like something is loose, within the system. It just doesn't feel solid. Is this the same thing you guys are talking about? If so, thanks and will try, if not sorry but can somebody maybe steer ;) me in the right direction.
  7. skinner

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    What you are explaining sounds to me to be a different issue, like the pitman arm or steering box is sloppy. This issue usually is most noticable turning on rough surface at slow speeds, but mine got tobe noticable at highway speeds in some corners where the outside tire track was rough. Felt like a bad balljoint kind of.
    If u are out of warrenty, try the grease fitting, fixes the issue instantly, read some posts, there are some good helpful ideas like the foam idea, very smart.
  8. skinner

    skinner Rockstar

    Someone correct me if i'm wrong but i believe 2000-2006, don't know about newer.
  9. skinner

    skinner Rockstar

    Glad u are happy CAPITAN BONES, don't want to loose you to ford for such a simple repair lol.
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  10. skinner

    skinner Rockstar

    By the way, mine is still quiet, about 3000 miles or more now.

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