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    2003 Silverado, 87,000 miles. Have a rattling which seems to come from in front of the steering column. Been told the steering column needs to be replaced. Is this difficult? Is there another way to solve this issue - grease pack, bushing replacement, etc. Thanks!
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    I would guess more then likely you have the famous Intermediate Shaft noise (Intermediate Shaft Steering Clunk Silverado - Car Questions, Answers, and Discussion).

    Start with replacing mine to the Dorman version from Autozone, or you can even get the OEM from GM for a few dollars more. I put the Dorman replacement on about 3 years ago, no problems to report.

    I also have a felt vibration when turning the wheel (even when not moving) and I just founds some post of guys replacing the lower steering bushing to correct this. That next for me also. The shaft takes all of 15-20 minuets to do.
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  4. taco2day

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    Thank you for all the information. I will be checking out all the options presented and I will let you know which one I decide to go with.
    Again, thank you for your help.

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