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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by NCRickZ71, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. NCRickZ71

    NCRickZ71 New Member

    Have a 2004 Chevy Z-71 4 X 4 and hear a noise when steering is moved. Anyone else had this problem
    and is it an easy fix?

  2. retired2001

    retired2001 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    My '04 has the same thing. It is the "intermediate steering shaft" and is a well known problem for most GM trucks from '99 through '07. At least I have not heard of any new body style having the problem. There are replacement shafts available from GM and some aftermarket, but I'm not sure if they are permanent fixes. I have learned to live with mine. Good luck!
  3. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Rockstar 100 Posts

    when and how do you have that noise? steering shaft is heard as a dull thud felt in steering wheel at take off and rapid braking. also, you can feel rattling noise in the steering wheel itself when you shake it. also, you can hear all kinds of noises coming from the front end and felt in the steering wheel during the tight turns at low speeds. also.... and also...
    halfshafts are binding during tight turns resulting in steering noise. worn out tierod ends will give clunck. worn out u-joints in halfshafts will do same. some subframes move resulting in steering noise in tight turns.

    if it's definitely steering shaft noise, do NOT buy one from GM dealer. 1. it's the same junk you already have and it lasts about a year before the problem comes back 2. it's about 3 times more expensive than same one off the internet 3. GMC has "particiaption program" for replacement of those for trucks with less than 70K miles. due to outragiously widely spread problem with those shafts. 4. buy a NAPA one. it is different design, reasonably priced and will serve well forever. and it's about 15 min job DIY. should have 2 flattened sides, vs GM OEM one being tubular.
  4. dwill3015

    dwill3015 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

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  5. ppettit2005

    ppettit2005 Rockstar

    first things first, check your power steering fluid.
  6. tac53parsons

    tac53parsons New Member

    I have the same problem on my wifes 05 Yukon. I also have an 05 police tahoe at work that doe's the same thing. It's kind of like a klunk when you turn. Dealer said they can't fix it.
  7. NCRickZ71

    NCRickZ71 New Member

    Thanks for responses

    Checked fluid earlier and it was fine. I think I'll have local mechanic change out shaft with aftermarket one and see what effect it has. I've read lots of of problems with this so it cant hurt.

    I purchased truck new so paid top $ back in the day and expect more from GM but building quality products and backing up their product must not fit in their business model. And they wonder why
    they're broke.
  8. 04 crew cab

    04 crew cab New Member

    May be the power steering gear box. I have an 04 and it made noise only when I turned to the left. Could be different from yours.

    I have also had the intermediate steering shaft problem on my 99 and my 04. Didn't really have noise with the steering shaft problem when turning. Could just feel it in the steering wheel a dull thud or clunk on rough terrain or when braking.

    If it is the power steering gear box it isn't too hard to change. Just did mine in July, cost me about 180.00 after core exchange and all and about a couple hours of my time. If it sounds kind of like a bad power steering pump whine but it isn't I would suspect the Power Steering gear box. You should only hear it when actually turning the wheel.

    Hope this helps
  9. sean84

    sean84 New Member

    intermediate steering shaft was a problem on all T800 trucks....there is a upgraded part to fix the issue....T900 trucks have a different design so no issues with them at all.
  10. ChevyTech

    ChevyTech Rockstar

    Steering shaft, I did so many of these. first GM said replace them and then they came out with a grease kit to solve problem and if the kit had been done replace the shaft with the update. I have heard the aftermarket ones are pretty good I would agree with the previous post about don't buy a GM shaft. I have had 3 in my 06' 2 I replaced when I worked for them and that was soon after I bought the truck and one just a few months ago once the warranty is up and I have to pay for it I will go aftermarket as well.

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