Steering Problems on 2004 Sub K1500

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Scottech, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Scottech

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    My wife says her Suburban has suddenly become VERY hard to steer. She claims it went out right in front of our house and she had a heckuva time getting in the driveway. She said it was hard to stop too. I jumped in and tried it and sure enough I put it in reverse and felt NO power steering assist whatsoever and going ever so slow, had a hard time stopping. The Sub has 99,640. Checked the PS reservoir and it's full. There are no puddles of anything anywhere. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Scottech

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    Hmmm. 'tis a very sad thing that I didn't get any responses. Maybe that's why I really don't check this site because it seems the good questions just don't get answered!

    Enough ranting...I found a few links to the problem on "OTHER" sites. It turns out it was my PS pump and it cost me $60 for the tow to the shop and about $350 for the rebuilt pump and fluids and stuff. The mechanic said this was a pretty rare problem for this year and model but it has a system called "Hydroboost" that links the brakes with the power steering pump to provide more stable stopping power.
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    This problem might have been due to a lack of maintenance. Almost no one ever changes their PS fluid, think about it, when has anyone you know ever done it? Hydraulics in other equipment is changed regularily, but not our trucks/car's PS fluids. There is also no filter on the PS system!

    I change mine regularily, but it's a chore. You have to disconnect lines in various places, then carefully pour fluids back in those lines to eliminate cavitation of the pump. Then after starting the thing whines for a peroid until the micro air bubbles are purged. It's a pain in the posterior, but IMHO needs to be done to prevent replacement of things like pumps and cylinders.

    Another thought, how often or when was the last time you changed your automatic transmission fluid/filter. That, too has a service interval.

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