Steering shaft removal

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  1. BurbanMan

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    Can anyone tell me how to remove the Steering shaft from the Gear box? i have to replace that seal
  2. On 1988-1997 C1500...The upper portion of the shaft is part of the steering column, You have to remove the bolt and nut that holds the upper to the lower shaft, and loosen the steer column under the dash, possibly the shift linkage, and at the firewall then slide the upper shaft up and out of the way.
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    Ah ok. That's easy enough. I knew about the upper portion, but I couldn't remember about the lower half. Wanted to make sure before I pulled it apart. Thanks for the help.
  4. explode_strgbox_GIF2.gif hppp_1008_01+saginaw_manual_steering_box_rebuild+.jpg PowerStrgGear(2).jpg saginaw exploded view_sm.jpg
    Will any of these help you see what is involved'? The diagrams are of Saginaw steering boxes, some power and some manual....
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    Not really. My phone doesn't blow them up very good

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