Steering Wheel Control Disaster

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    FALC0NDRIVER New Member


    I found some great instructions on various chevy forums about adding steering wheel controls to my 06 Silverado LS Crew Cab. And I followed all of them:

    Got a new steering wheel (used off ebay)
    Got a new clockspring and harness (part# 26101829 new off ebay)
    Installed everything
    Had 1 spare neon green 2 wire plug
    Took my truck to a dealer to have them flash it with 2 VCI codes to unlock controls and DIC
    When they did, they claim my BCM and instrument cluster were "fried / dead"
    Now they want $1100 to replace both parts, as my truck is dead

    What went wrong?
    Did I use the wrong harness?
    Did I cross a plug? I don't think I did. It seemed like each plug would only go in its individual place.
    Did they screw up flashing the truck?
    If they replace the parts, will the controls cause them to short out again?
    Should I just put the original harness back in and abandon this project?

    Please Help before I pay these guys!!

  2. retired2001

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    Welcome to the site! I am by no means an expert, but if I could put it back to stock and make it run I'd go for it! $1100 sounds like a huge amount for this, to me. Good luck!
  3. adampaul1964

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    So I'm assuming it was running O.K. before they flashed it, since you took it to the dealer? If that is indeed the case seems to me that they are responsible, I mean you drove the truck in and now it's dead, I'd be going off on somebody, if you can return it to stock and get it out of there I'd go that route.
  4. Project Reaper

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    Ya if it was a dealership i would be raising hell for sure! especially if that was my truck!!! i garentee if you freak out and start yelling, talk to the manager of the dealership and he wont do anything then go to the general or regional manager. i had a 2001 camaro that i switched the steering wheel with the one with controls and those were just plug and play pretty much cuz mine worked after i installed it...

    FALC0NDRIVER New Member

    Yeah, these people just force us to be a-holes. It's supposed to be ready tomorrow. I'm not going to pay em. Thanks for the tip on the regional manager, I'll give it a shot. I rarely mess with dealerships, and now I remember why. If anything exciting happens, I'll let you guys know.

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