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  1. 92 Burban

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    L.E.D bulbs

    Did you get the bulb out?
    If you can get me a pict of just the bulb I might be able to help.
    From what I can see it looks like a bulb they use in a semi truck.......
  2. goleee33

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    I believe you are going to want to use smt LED's thats what i used when i changed the color of my cluster lights
  3. rws.1

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    good info. will have to give this a try on my "07. did anyone find a source for new led bulbs?
  4. ElbowJoe

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    Great write up and photos! My steering wheel and climate control lights just started go to - so I am sure they will each fail sequentially and would like to do this job once.

    What is the correct bulb part number and source for these bulbs?

    My 2003 Suburban steering wheel and buttons looks to be the same as in the photos/write up - so I assume they use the same bulbs.

    Also - for what it is worth - My dash lights are also starting to go. I ended up buying a ribbon of blue LEDs (CHEAP - like $8.00 for a 5 METER strip!) -which I plan to install when I get some time. (I got this idea from another post about cluster lights that really simplifies the process since there is no need to solder each and every bulb back in place.
    Any help on the steering wheel bulb number and source would be appreciated. :great:
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  5. zigger215

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    Just pop the air bag off, you'll have more wire to work with, very easy.

  6. SurrealOne

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    Care to shed some light (pun intended) on the methodology for that? Maybe with pics? (Also consider that many don't know how to make sure the air bag capacitor is discharged before beginning -- and that a failure to ensure it's discharged could injure or even kill someone if the air bag were to deploy while s/he was trying to remove it.)
  7. Bigmacnchez

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    any luck on finding a led
  8. Pikey

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    I guess that I will pull mine out and try to find a bulb for them. I do not want LED.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I changed 2 lights today and am currently working on others. I used 272-1092 bulbs from radio shack. 2 for $1.99. They are slightly brighter than the stock bulbs, but I am changing them all so it does not matter. you could also use 272-1154. they come with a new plastic piece and are $2.20 each. If you are not a patient person then I do not suggest trying this. The disassemble and soldering was fast. The upper controls are easy to get back in. The lower do not have any slack for the wires and I ended up pulling the air bag out. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! If you don't know anything about airbag systems let someone else do it. I did as my manual says. Removed the airbag fuse and waited 15 minutes, then I just pushed a pic into each hole on the backside of the steering wheel. It fell right out. I did not touch the wires or disconnect it. It gave a little more slack but not much. I used a piece of dental floss tied to the connector to guide it into the switch. If you do not remove the blue caps from the old bulbs and put them on the new bulbs the light looks very yellow. I ran out of bulbs so I have one switch left to do. Then onto tackling the climate control light that is out. In the pick the upper right bulbs still need replaced, the stock bulbs are still in it and they are dim compared to the new bulbs. Apparently, my hand was pretty shaky!! IMG_0805.jpg
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  9. Pikey

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