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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by EdPDX, Jan 22, 2009.

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    OK, if you have read any of my previous recent threads you may know that my 1998 Ki00 GMC Suburban started making a low grinding noise when put into 4WD. The dealer worked on it and installed front Transfer case bearings and seal and the vehicle speed Sensor. A week later I had the rig towed home. The whole car died as I pulled out of a parking space. I , at the time noticed that the Theft deterrent system Chirpped about 5 times. Then...DEAD. When I tried to coast to the side of the road I noticed my steering wheel Just made a clicking noise as I turned it-it was not engaging the steering linkage. I asked here if this was part of the theft deterrent system and was told that it was not.

    Now after replacing the Ignition Lock Cylinder, I am not getting any anti-theft BS. Everything starts fine. The steering though is now giving me problems. When the car is OFF, The steering wheel can be turned; but it does not turn the tire- like it is not engaging in the steering box. I see the rubber covered shaft under the hood turn with the wheel; but the tires do not move! I called the service manager- he assured me that this cannot be related to service performed by them 2 weeks ago. When I asked what system was the likely culprit. He said "could be a bolt (100 dollar fix), could be something else One Thousand dollar fix)"

    Last night I saw on another forum something about a clock spring in the steering box could be the culprit also it could affect the SIR (Airbag). I am having a steady AIR BAG light. Any one know what kind of fix this is. A DIY- I am a pretty decent mechanic- just have never torn into a steering box before.
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    I may have this licked! I slipped the Plastic Cover at the bottom of the lower steering shaft back and I found that the Bolt that pinches the collar around the steering box spline is about 5 turns out. I'll center the shaft and retighten. I think the clock spring in the column is overwound because the wheel had no ability to stop at the end of far right travel. So it looks like two seperate issues- one caused the other. I'll report back.

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    Now you need to replace the clock spring.

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