Steve Jobs, 56 died today

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Caddiac, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Caddiac

    Caddiac Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    If you have not heard, Apple Co-Founder and CEO Steve Jobs died today. This is significant to me for a couple of reasons.

    Apple computers are much easier to use and typically do not have the operating system issues to which Windows machines are prone. With software becoming more readily available there may really be competition in the market place for a change.

    Perhaps more significant is the I-Phone on ATT's network which seems to have fewer issues than those my wife has had on Verizon. The blackberry Storm was appropriately named. All hell broke loose regularly when it locked up, crapped out and had a host of other problems. A Friend with the new Droid fare a little better but still they have issues with the software crapping out. Since both my wife and daughter have the I Phone, continued success of that product is essential.

    Perhaps the biggest issue for me personally is that Mr Jobs was 56 and I just turned 50. I guess it just goes to show there is one thing that money and success can't guarantee you - longer life.
  2. tbplus10

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    I knew he was sick and had stepped back from Apple but was still available for consulting, didnt think he'd be gone this fast.
    I'm sure Apple will suffer with this loss.
    RIP Steve Jobs and all our blessings to your family and friends.
  3. pmf608

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    I knew he had been battling with cancer, and that he had just stepped down as CEO but asked to stay as the chairman (I believe) of the board with apple. I'm pretty sure that was just last month, so I definitely hadn't expected this to happen so quickly.

    That being said, he built a great company and both of my computers that see regular use are Macs and I am extremely happy with my iPhone, iPod, and iPad. He sure left a legacy in Apple.
  4. marko54

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    Have to agree with you about Apple's products. No junk in their lineup. I'm on my second Iphone, first 3G now 4G and love it. After years of using PC's. getting ready to pull the plug and buy my first Mac (macbook Air)
  5. Caddiac

    Caddiac Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Mac is soooo easy compared to a PC. Setting up a printer is as simple as telling your mac to print, and it goes out handles the set up.

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