Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple. Faces severe health crisis.

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    What's everyone think about Steve Job's stepping down from being CEO of Apple?

    I did some reading on him, that's a very interesting story. I learned a lot that I had no clue about him prior to this.

    - He was adopted by working-class parents in California and his biological parents stayed together (college students) and had another child, Mona Simpson who is a famous author and didn't know Jobs was her biological brother.

    - He dropped out of college after one semester. But, he did go back to to audit a caligraphy course, which he credits for helping him appreciate the aestetics of the devices he makes.

    - Was told after he came back to Apple by the board that no one would buy tech consumer electronic goods.

    - Practices Zen Buddhism.

    - Spent a year backpacking around India in his late teens and took LSD which he credited with helping him unlock his mind.

    - Not a vegetarian, because he does eat fish.

    - Married with three children, but prior this this he had a child out-of-wedlock and he denied paternity even going so far as to sign court documents claiming he was sterile. He did eventually accept paternity and worked at having a relationship with his daughter.

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    There was an interesting portrayal of him in Pirates of Silicone Valley.

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