Still looking for a Suburban...more questions.

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    I have not myself, but my dad has been in Dhahran for over 16 years now. He'll be retiring in less than 4 years.
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    16 years - wow, that's a long stretch. Five years feels like a long time. Dhahran is quite different to Riyadh though, being on the coast and a little more 'relaxed' than Riyadh, plus the potential of a weekend in Bahrain is on your doorstep, makes it feel a bit more tolerable. He must be enjoying it though to have been there for so long.

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    Well, it looks like we may just have a new Suburban owner on this forum!!

    Took the Bad Boy down to a local garage who did a very thorough inspection on it and found several faults. Most of them were very minor and are just replacement parts eg spark plugs, a couple of bulbs here and there, and one of the shocks. THe car does need it's roadworthy certificate , known here as the MVPI, so it needs a couple of minor repairs to pass through that, I have agreed with the seller that he will do these, and also get it through the MVPI. Once all the papers are in order, we can do the deal.

    Meeting him tomorrow night, to draw up the sales contract - a requirement for these parts. Then hopefully, in a few days time once the car is transferred and registered into my name , I'll be able to pick it up and bring it home!

    I guess that will be by around Saturday. Will let you know and of course, come back with more questions.
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    Good luck-let us know how it runs once it is yours and you can actually hammer it.
    Actually I'm too old and too chicken to hammer any vehicle I actually own-have to pay for-pay to repair.
    When I was younger-yeah-now-...

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