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    Ok, so after replacing my radiator, which was the main leak, I thought I had fixed my leak totally. It seems I still have a small leak because my reserve tank keeps going empty and there is a small spot under the truck sometimes. It is no where as bad as before, but still there. I'm suspecting the reserve tank hose because it tends to be on that side and the hoses that go to the radiator are brand new.

    Explanation on my radiator replacement: After going to a shop to have my plugs done they found a massive puddle under the truck in the morning which turned out to be anti-freeze. They looked quick and saw that the pass side lower corner was very damp. I then did a full coolant flush and replaced the radiator, upper hose, lower hose, and thermostat. I used a 50/50 ratio of Dex-cool coolant to refill. About two weeks later I learned that I hadn't tightened a hose clamp enough so i had to adjust the hose and the clamp.

    Since then there has been much snow and rain so I haven't seen any damp spots under the truck until this week where is has been dry. The spot is very small about 3" in diameter and only appears after the truck cools down or sits for an hour or 2. I checked the level in the reserve today and it was empty. My heat and engine temps have been normal and the truck stays almost exactly at 190-200.

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