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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by brickborn, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. brickborn

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    here we go fellas. i hooked up my battery backwards in my 1990 gmc suburban .well i popped 2 fuses.ECMB and the ECM1 .i replaced the ECM1fue it stayed good ,i replaced the ECMB it popped again . 4 fuses later it the prob is i dont have spark and my injectors wont fire.i have power to the coil and i have power to the spark and injectors wont fire.i have a 89 so i took the computer out of it(same)i tried it in my 90,nothing.switched the chips from my 90 into the computer from the 89 ,nothing.i put the chips from the 89 in computer for my 90,nothing .changed the coil,changed the ignition module,changed the esc.nothing .everything works when i turn the key.or i would of tried the ignition switch.checked all fuseable links on both ends for power and burnt wires that i can find in any of the harnesses.seeems to have power evrywhere there should be .im running out of ideas of where to look.and what to test.the only thing i have tried to change yet is the distributor thinking maybe i fryd the pickup coil ,who knows.this has everyone that ive talked to stumped and clueless.hopefully you guys can help me .thanks!

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    Did you check your GROUND WIRES on the block and also the wires on the Starter and alternator ????? just an idea !
  3. brickborn

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    Yeah I've checked the power wires that go to starter. I've also checked the two main grounds. My last guess is that I may have fryd the pickup coil in the distributor . I've already changed the ignition module inside the distributor.

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