Stock 95-99 Radio/Cassette Player w/ Pocket CD

Discussion in 'Audio & Video Classifieds' started by BBslider001, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. BBslider001

    BBslider001 Member

    Ugly buttons? Burnt bulbs? Missing knobs? Then take a look at the wonderful radio/Cassette with a pocket CD player out of my '99 Suburban. It is in very good condition and functions 100%. You will also get a CD player that goes with the radio in the pocket area underneath. I would like $50 for the whole set-up. Thanks for looking!

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  2. abe1217

    abe1217 New Member

    Why why why someone in the city stole my unit, I don't know. I am interested in your system for my '97 Z71. What next?
  3. BBslider001

    BBslider001 Member

    Sold two days ago, sorry. Why in the world would someone steal a stock system?

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    SOLD!!! thanks for looking...
  4. abe1217

    abe1217 New Member

    Bummer. On the system.

    Why? Meth, crack, and sour milk will make a person do very stupid things.

    Cheers, Abe

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