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    Ok I just bought a DUAL XDVDN9131 DVD MultiMedia-Nav unit from my brother for half of what he paid new and I got the plug and play harness for the deck and the dash kit to mount her in the dash,But after i installed it I noticed the Rear Door speakers were not working so i messed with the fader and still nothing the Rear upper cargo speakers work and so do the fronts just not the rear doors so I pulled the DUAL and put the stocker back in and ALL the speakers work fine.So with all this bein said I did a little resaerch and my 1998 Tahoe LS came with 3 different trim levels on the stereo,Standard,Premium,and Bose I dont have the bose (no bose labels) so im guessing I have the premium with the stock amp.Under the driver seat is a little silver box that is where the research said the stock amplifier would be located if I had 1 also when the aftermarket harness is plugged in there are 2 green wires that are no longer being used so i figure they could be feeding the amp,And yes before the stereo was installed it was tesed inside the previous car and I also bench tested the DUAL just to make sure(I always do that with everything before installing).Also do i need to install jumpers on the channels cuz I have 6 STOCK speakers and only 4 Aftermarket outputs,I dont want to take it to a shop cuz then I would have to wait to save the money and I HATE waiting.So let me know guys so I can put this stereo in my truck and have some cool music to listen to(IPOD) instaed of the radio and cds
    Thanks in advance.........

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