Stock Stereos in Chevys

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  1. tokin20deuce

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    I used to have an '01 Malibu. I had installed a soundsystem in there (new head unit, 2 12's, 2 amps, new speakers) but needed to keep the old cd player in the trunk with an adapter because the brain of the car was held in there. I guess it had some kind of thing that, if the cd player was stolen from the car, the car would shut down and not work. Apparently Chevy started doing this back in 2000 or 2001. I have since upgraded to an '07 Colorado, and it too has a stock stereo in there. I was wondering if Chevy still did this. I would like to get a new head unit for my Colorado, and would like to reinstall my old system into my truck, but I don't have an owners manual (where I originally found this out for the Malibu). Does anybody know anything about this? Any Colorado owners that can relate to this question? Thanks.
  2. Rumpamuro

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    GM actually introduced this in 03 and it is still currently the same, its no longer the same harness, before it was a gmlan01 harness now its a gmlan02 (something like that) the harness was available in 01, but it didnt require you to do the keep the stock deck as well, it was the radio that wouldnt work (theftlock), not the car. now its some features of the car.
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    I've got a 2004 Tahoe and installed my Alpine head unit and didn't have any kind of trouble with the electronics and I used to have the same head unit in my 2000 S-10 and also didn't have any trouble with it. Don't know if this helps you out any... I have a friend who did all of the wiring hook-ups so I can ask him if he knows anything about it. Good Luck
  4. Rumpamuro

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    do you still have door chimes, lights on chime, key in ignition chime, etc etc.? and does your front driver side speaker still work ?
  5. TylerR04

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    Yeah all my chimes work...The thing that killed me on the Tahoe is that the wiring harness was $130.00 from Best Buy!:grrrrrr: Kind of way over priced if you ask me! I'll try and get some numbers off the harness that I used so maybe people can find it a little cheaper on Ebay or somewhere else.
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  6. TylerR04

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    I got the model number for the Alpine wiring harness and it is GM21SR. They told me the price for the harness with OnStar is $150 and without OnStar is $130. I also asked them if they had any trouble with the chimes not working and they haven't run into anything like that. :neutral: I think everything should work without having to keep your old CD player. Hope this helps out! I personally don't like the chimes anyways but I guess they are there for a reason...haha
  7. DirtDog

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    I have an 07 Silverado classic without onstar that I installed a Pioneer DEH-P4900iB head unit in. I had to get a harness to retain my warning chimes and some other features of the truck (like the retained accessory power) I just made a trip to walmart and got a harness made by Scosche Part # GM2000. I still have all my chimes and haven't had any problems. I have a video on my myspace page showing that the chimes still work.

    Hope this helps ya out.
  8. DirtDog

    DirtDog Rockstar 100 Posts

    BTW, the Scosche harness at walmart is only $38.96
  9. dans chevy 22

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    May be some help

    i have a 2000 silverado and i put an aftermarket radio in and it did not change a thing. THe new trucks have computers seperate.
  10. Red Rado

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    Scosche Harness

    I bought the same harness that was listed in Crutchfields at Walmart. I don't have on-star so it was probable cheaper because of it but at Walmart it was only $35. Crutchfields was listed for $85.

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