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  1. Tachyon

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    P1060923.jpg P1060924.jpg P1060919.jpg So time for another chapter in the ongoing saga of our 1999 K2500 Chevrolet Suburban. You can follow the story so far in my other posts for engine, drive-train, etc.

    Personally, I consider the GMT400 the pinnacle of Suburban development. It's as modern as need be but not hobbled with computerized everything, 87 airbags and delicate body parts you'd be afraid to break. No offense to other Suburban owners. That's just my preference. That said, I'll be the first to admit that as designed, out of the factory, the GMT400 has one glaring weakness. The brakes. The brakes are way to small for a vehicle this size and with this towing capacity. It's something I've always wanted to correct, but never had the opportunity and the cash at the same time.
    However the time has come. Old faithful needs new brakes anyway and so I decided to turn it into an upgrade opportunity. I had avoided this until now because there aren't a lot of options other than big brake kits and those are not only expensive, but they require a lot of mods to the vehicle. Recently however, Power Stop came to my attention. They have a kit called the "1-Click Extreme Truck and Tow" front brake kit. This is a complete brake job in a box but with heavier duty, better components that exceed factory specs and improve braking power, reduce fade, fit in stock locations without modification. To top it off, they cost less than getting a factory brake job at the dealer.
    The kit includes heavy duty, cross drilled and slotted rotors that are silver-zinc plated. You also receive a complete set of their Z36 Extreme Duty brake pads, and any necessary hardware (clips, retainers, etc.).
    So I ordered the kit from Rock Auto for the stunningly cool price of $196.25 Canadian.
    They should be installed by next Wednesday at the latest and I'll post a follow up comment with my thoughts on the beasties.

    Until then, check it out.

    FYI, this is the K1524-36 kit for a 1999 K2500 Suburban (ie 8-lug 4x4)

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  2. dsfloyd

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    congrats on the upgrade. should look into braided stainless steel brake lines too.:great:
  3. reggiecab2000

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    russell makes a great kit! usually around $150.00, pretty good!
  4. Tachyon

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    I've actually been thinking about stainless braided over teflon lines for some time. However right now the main brake hardware was the priority.
  5. dsfloyd

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    real easy to install too.

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    you should enjoy them, I put some of the cross drilled slotted rotors on my wifes altima and noticed a huge difference
  6. Wags

    Wags New Member

    Where's the update? I have the same truck and I have the same kit to install on mine tonight...
  7. Tachyon

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    Short answer. I love them. I'll never have lesser brakes on my vehicles again.

    Now. Make sure you follow the directions and bed them properly. Also you'll need to supply your own tube of anti-squeal.

    Also you'll need to be attentive while driving for a few days as your vehicle's brake feel, and stopping distances will change. Your deceleration curve will be completely different, in a good way.

    Other than that enjoy.

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    Oh and wait until you try them in the wet!
    As long as your tires are good and don't hydroplane they are almost impervious to water. The brake pads themselves never hydroplane or steamplane (I made that word up but I think you know what I mean by it).
  8. Tachyon

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    UPDATE - One year later

    So it's been just over a year (about 13 months to be exact) since I installed the brake upgrade and I thought I'd post a follow up.

    After now having been through a full year of seasons and having now used these brakes in every kind of weather and driving conditions I have to say I'm more happy with them than ever. The improved braking power and fade resistance have not been reduced by use or wear. In fact the slotted design keeps the pad/rotor interface clean of dirt and debris so there is still absolutely no grooving on the rotors and the brakes still grab, and stop like new. Wear on the rotors is minimal and the pads are lasting nicely.

    I can only amplify what I said in my early review. This is one of the best upgrades I've done to any vehicle. What you get for the cost, especially if it was time for a brake job anyway, is a huge bang for the buck. I also reiterate that I'll never have non slotted rotors on my vehicle again. The difference it makes in fade, wear, and performance is worth every penny.
    Even if you don't want to do this for the performance upgrade, do it for your the improved safety it will gain you and your family.

    PowerStop-AyearOn-01.jpg PowerStop-AyearOn-02.jpg
  9. McClintoc

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    Nice update. Good to hear they are working out for you. Those are some good looking rotors!
  10. Crawdaddy

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    It may not be true, but it really looks like that clip is rubbing the rotor. However, I don't see scratches on the rotor that would match it.

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