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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Silver Chevy, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Silver Chevy

    Silver Chevy Member

    Has any on notice when driving on the highway over 60 a strange noise, coming from around the top of the windshield.. sounds like hundreds of stones,,,,
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  2. Silver Chevy

    Silver Chevy Member

    Ok ,,, been doing some looking around through the posts,,,, Is this sound I hear coming from this vent that everyone is talking about
  3. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    By the "vent" do you mean the aspirator? The quarter size speaker looking thing above your head in the head liner? Those do go bad. They are easy to pull apart, clean, and lube.
  4. Silver Chevy

    Silver Chevy Member

    No this is around the whole top of the windshield,,, sounds like hundreds of stones hitting the windshield,,, faster I go the more its there
  5. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Wind coming through a bad seal, maybe? That would explain the increase in volume/sound as you drive faster...
  6. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    try pulling of your wipers and bug shiled if you have one, sometimes those can mess with airflow and make odd noises.

  7. TonyS

    TonyS New Member

    I have a bug shield and a similar noise. In my truck it sounds like it is at the top of the windshield on the passenger side. Similar sounds to when rain droplets fly off the hood and hit the windshield.
  8. Silver Chevy

    Silver Chevy Member

    Tonys ,,, you might just have ,,Thanks all ,,, I'll try each thing
  9. RedneckRucker16

    RedneckRucker16 New Member

    I had to have my windshield resealed. I had a bad wind noise over 45mph
  10. jfeezie

    jfeezie New Member

    I just noticed a similar noise this morning on my way to work. Almost sounded like radio static coming through the A pillar speakers but I turned the radio off noise persisted. Just installed a WeatherTech bug deflector a few days ago, wondering if that could be creating the noise...

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