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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by TELORVEHC, May 21, 2011.


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    Ok, so this may seem a little odd, but whenever I disconnect my negative battery terminal to do work on my truck, the head unit (Alpine CDE 103-BT) does not turn on, even after I have reconnected the battery wire to the battery. I press the power button on the head unit and nothing happens, I pushed in the reset button on the back; nothing. What really stumps me though, is that in order to get the radio working properly again, I have to disconnect and reconnect the big gray plug that all of the wires from the head unit attach to. After I do that, the head unit works fine. Any thoughts on what would cause this? My friends nor myself can figure out this issue lol.
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    Might be because the radio is always pulling current, and without the main ground may be using a ground within the radio itself and somehow locks itself up. I would try and pull the radio fuse, wait a while and then put the fuse back in. If it turns on fine then it's something with the radio and only the postive hooked to the battery.

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