Strange Transmission problem?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Josh, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Josh

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    so i was driving along a week ago in OD all was fine listenen to some tunes and i wasnt really in the gas i was more like cruisin barely puttin pressure on the pedal. all of a sudden the revs go up down up down up. i let off and hit gas again and it never happend again. so today was comin back home and cruisin just fine. and it revs up a lil kicks down a gear, kicks back up down then up i let up off the gas pushed in a lil and never came back. i noticed that a while back when chasing the ignition problem down one of the codes on the truck was a vehicle speed sensor. i unplugged battery and retested the next day and it was not there on the codes anymore. can a bad vss cause this. also what else causes problems like this. i know the tps is good but i believe the IAC is bad. any tips on what this lil gremlin could be. buy the way i did search the forums first. cause i always see 4l60 problem posts all the time n didnt see anything relevant to mine. lemme know and thanks.
  2. Josh

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    went to carquest and bought a VSS and another sensor just in case. it was the one with the metal bracket attached. could not find where it goes. truck drove fine down the road with the new vss no more bucking, erratic shifting and speedo reads again it went out this morning and had to go home in first. wheres this sensor i bought go. is it not for my truck
  3. carmantx

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    What are you working on? 2wd or 4wd?
  4. Josh

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    its a 4x4 it ended up being the vss. the other speed sensor was the sensor for a 4l80. so it was a part that was just paid for and returned. the vss had metal shavings attached to it so im thinkin it couldnt get a good reading.

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