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    i have a 350sb and a spare 400sb camshaft, and a set of 383 heads on the way, how far will i need to bore the pistons out and any good advice on a piston that will suit this. This engine will be for a 4x4 truck that will be abused on a weekly basis.
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    I wouldnt bore it unless needed, Stroke it! You dont want to have high compression either so you can run regular gas.
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    I wouldn't bore it unless the cylinders are scoured or egg shaped! I'd put in the 400 crank 6.0 rods with about 9.5:1 pistons. Look at some cams that will provide a good torque range at low to mid range rpm. But if your going to do all this you need to have some machine work done on the heads with a good intake to let that baby breath deep. The question I got for you is what are you talking about 383 heads??? It relatively easy to get 400-450 hp out of a 383. I'm pushing 470 with mine and really no major high dollar modifications.
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    As they said leave bore alone unless it needs it for wear. if you're going to be pushing the engine hard, you want as thick of cylinder walls as possible to take the load.

    As far as pistons, any good aftermarket piston will work, just make sure it's for a 383 setup (uses different pin positioning because of the 400 crank's stroke), and like k.daddy said 9.5:1 is a good compression to stay with. Keep in mind that the compression specs are based on cylinder head chamber size, so if you're new heads have small chambers, make sure you're looking at the right numbers on the pistons.
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