Stuck in 4x4

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by normal_deviation, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Hey all, decided to throw my truck in 4wd today to keep everything moving smoothly.... to my surprise, I had an awful whine comin from the front of the truck. Not your normal 4x4 whine when turning, but much worse. Half a turn on the wheel was quite loud so I didn't turn anymore. I stopped to put her back in 2wd and it would not go. So I shifted the t-case into neutral then back to 4wd. Tried shifting to park and the tranny was grinding. Finally after a few more tries it went back to 2wd. I drove for 5 minutes and decided to try again. It came out of 4wd but is makin some strange noises. Anyone else have this problem? .... 2009 silverado ext, 4.8, manual t-case, tow package ... only 8200k's on the truck.
  2. Truck is back to normal, totally my fault for engaging 4x4 on pavement I think. I was allways told its good to run it once and a while to keep things moving. Apparently not LOL.

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