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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by gmagilla, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. gmagilla

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    I bought a 1999 S10 Blazer . Had it about 3 months with no poblems . Today I started it up and had a rocker arm rattling real bad . I'm thinking O.K .I'm going to have to pull a valve cover cause it's getting louder by the second . I start it up and shut it off a few times and it seems to get worse , now I'm thinking bad things , like cam lobe wore off .I was going to put a little ATF in the oil to see if that would maybe free up the lifter if it was stuck . So I jump in my Scout, go to town to get a gasket just in case I pull the cover . My brother inlaw works at the NAPA parts store and told me to try this stuff called Sea Foam . I go home ,dump it in the crankcase ( looks like water , kind of didn't want to pour water in my oil ). Fire up the Blazer pull up a chair and in about 3 - 4 mins. the rocker stops rattling ! Took it for a spin and it runs fine , boy am I :happy: . This stuff must realy work.


  2. daddytech

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    never heard of pouring it directly in the crank case before, that's a different take on it's use., I always use it by feeding it through the vaccuum line that goes to the power brake booster and then let it burn out all the varnish and deposits in the fuel path of the motor too, I used it in a motor i was getting ready to tear down and rebuild and there was still a grainy haze on the valves but aside from that the heads and piston tops were almost clean enough to eat off of . so it deffinately makes a diference internally as well. I have heard of going the route I did to clean the injection and ignition path and putting it in the gas tank with a full tank of gas but never before directly in the crank case , that' s a different twist.

    My 89 Silverado was doing the same thing but no sea foam was going to help that the valves would start rattling at highway speeds after 30 minutes and would start over heating too. Once I tore it down I found out it was happening because the Oil pump had come apart in the bottom of my oil pan but not before knocking around in my engine for a while and no oil was gettig to the top of the motor so i replaced the pump and problem solved , that was going to be my idea of something to check had you not been offered the solution that worked out for you
  3. gmagilla

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    I've never used anything like SeaFoam before .It said on the can you could add it to oil on any gas or diesel engine. I read on the can something about a vacuum line. It also said to use it every 2000 miles or something like that . I will run it and see how the Blazer does and may start adding it to oil changes . I will get another can to dump in the gas to see if it improves performance ,My brother inlaw said he put in the tank on his car and could tell it ran better .


  4. Z71_guy

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    the old seafoam trick, got to watch out tho i have seen it used as maint. on multiple cars to help break up sludge, it works but to good after a few hundred miles the motor started knocking. ended up replaceing the motor.

    i would use it in the gas tank or through a vacuum line but not the oil
  5. daddytech

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    you won't notice a difference right away running it through the gas tank. it does still work that way but it takes a lot longer. also you may not want to put it in the oil at every change that is something that helps break things down and may actually be breaking the oil down in your truck when you pour it in there. if that is the case your motor internal parts won't be getting properly lubricated any longer. I would say once you have dumped it in there once, if it fixed your problem then it shouldn't theoretically be an issue any longer and you don't need to use it internally in the motor any more. another thing you can find a thread on these forums about oil types, the wrong oil can cause the kind of problems you were having too. I still highly recommend Mobil1 and Lucas Oil treatment it costs more but the results you get are proven over and over. that's why my 89 silverado has 279,000 on it and still going strong too wish GM had made the pait where it lasted as long as the truck did but that's another story
  6. ct9a

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    I've used Seafoam in my oil before, works good. I also made sure to change the oil out 500 miles after I put the Seafoam in. Do not leave it in there, like others have said, it can lead to bad things.
  7. gmagilla

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    My 90 Suburban has 208500 miles with Pennzoil 10w40 and still uses no oil . The paint on the roof is gone but that will be fixed when I turn it into an AVABURB . I'm going to change the oil in the Blazer tomorrow to get the SeaFoam out , but the lifter is O.K. now.
  8. daddytech

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    yeah changing out the oil after running it in there is a smart move because once it's fixed the problem all it's going to do is break down your oil and make it start wearing on your internal engine components.

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