Student's fuel efficiency question! Which truck for me?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by PondWarrior, Aug 28, 2012.

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    Yep, it did change. The 2012 Prius has Lithium Ion batteries. introduces 2012 prius plug-in hybrid.htm

    Previously they were Nickel Metal Halide (which doesn't have the memory problems of NiCad).

    As for the carbon footprint, as with any part, there's an energy cost to making it. The footprint for LiION or NiMH is still high. Why? Because it takes energy to mine and produce the Lithium or Nickel. They're not a zero cost carbon footprint part. It's pretty dang high, in fact. It takes energy to make that stuff, even if the energy consumption after the fact is low, it has to first overcome the carbon footprint of manufacturing parts.

    I TOTALLY agree though, you're better off getting a used Honda or VW if you're really looking at MPG and costs.

    All that aside, a single trip in an airplane across the country blows your carbon footprint out of the water for the year. LOL. I also read that mowing your lawn once a week all summer for 45 minutes a mow (2 cycle engine) produces more carbon footprint than driving an SUV for a year. I saw a Prius towing a 2 cycle jet ski the other day. I about crapped myself laughing at the absurdity of the notion. Green? I think not!

  2. Skippy

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    Uh, that's not a truck. That's a Tonka Toy with truck badging. Those base models crack me up. They're good for driving pizzas around or car parts for Autozone. A 2 wheel drive truck on ice and snow is worse than a front wheel drive honda civic (which isn't bad). Hate that. LOL

    With a little work, though, you can get a really really nice truck for about $20K. Just have to wait until it hits 37K miles and goes out of warranty after 3 years! That's my preferred method. That and walking in test driving it, telling them you WILL be getting a truck that day (and showing them the other models you'll be going to next) and giving them 5 minutes to give you their best price or you'll be leaving. I don't play games. :) Of course, if you do that, you'd better have a very high credit score, and zero problem financing...

  3. moogvo

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    If the tree-hugging Liberals had any idea of the amount of pollution the Hybrid batteries alone cause in the manufacturing process... It makes me laugh how people can stand for a "cause" never fully understanding the full scope of exactly what it is they are standing for...

    I'm riding up the highway a few years ago going to work. I get in behind a Ford Expedition pulling into the office building where I work. There is a bumper sticker on the back of the SUV that says "Be kind to the animals. Don't eat them." Turns out, it was one of the sales people that worked in the same office as me, so I knew this girl. I walked up to her as she gathered her stuff to get out of the vehicle and head into the office.

    She turned around and said hello. I said "This thing got Leather?"
    Her: "yeah. it's really nice... They are heated."

    She steps down out of the Expedition and I noticed her shoes... leather pumps, of course. And her attache... leather.

    So walking her to the elevator, I ask her: "You a vegetarian?"
    Her: "Yeah. I just can't be cruel and eat animals."
    Me: "So what do you think we should do with the cows after we rip their skin off?"
    Her: "WHAT?! Why would we rip their skin off?!"
    Me: What do you think the leather seats in your car and the shoes on your feet are made from?"
    Her: "I dunno.. Is it cows?"
    Me: "Yes it is... so you can imagine how silly that bumper sticker looks on the back of your fully dressed out SUV..."

    People just have NO idea. They will jump into anything that makes them feel a sense of purpose.
  4. moogvo

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    Yeah. that is a bargain basement, lucky if it has a spare tire type of deal. In fact, a lot of dealers won't even order that unless you are buying 20 of them because they make no money on them. It's what they call a "leader" model. they get you in the door with a cheap priced truck and do everything in their power to keep you away from it.

    That said, the cool thing about a base truck is that it gives you a great platform to customize it into what you want... and those new vinyl seats look a lot better than they did years ago. I wouldn't have a 2 wheel drive truck, and to add 4x4 to that is probably $5,000.00. Then there is the V8 engine you would want to add... Still, if it was a 4x4, I would have it. I might have to ride up there this weekend and have a look at them.

    3:23 gears?! You could only drive that on cloudy days! With those gears, it won't pull it's own shadow down the street! I have 3:73s ini mine and it still is a bit lacking!
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  5. Conlan Rose

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    @moogvo that's so funny. Personally I don't get the vegan/vegetarian life style, maybe that's cuz I hate salad and love chicken, beef, and bacon. Also its been proven its really not that healthy for you. Also love my leather seats and leather wrapped steering wheel LOL.

    Also GM trucks are now built at a zero landfill plant that has the whole roof lined with solar panels to cut down on electricity costs. Furthermore for every Chevy bought in the US Chevrolet takes some of that profit (now a days a lot more) and spends it on developing renewable fuels, new power system, planting trees in deforested areas, building baseball diamonds for small towns to help little league, and trying to develop America's most fuel efficient cars and trucks that we all love. I don't think you can beat that.
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    I totally busted it. I thought I'd heard all the lines, but that was a new one for me. Instant classic. :) I think it's ok to be clueless about things. I know I'm clueless about women, picking out matching clothes, and astrophysics. That doesn't make me less of a person. I just try to help the women understand me, buy everything to match with jeans, and astrophysicists... well, I don't know any of those.

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    Yea the base price is under $20k, now add tax, title, tags, and finance charges, before it's paid off that $19K and change is near $30k. you might get lucky and find a "no finance charges" deal but they normally dont like to do that on stripped vehicles.
  8. rndeleon1988

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    Truck can have decent MPG if you drive it right. Go 50-55mph instead of 70mph, don't go nuts on acceleration after stopping, literally nurture the gas peddle and utilize cruise control! Keep fresh oil and filters in the engine and for the love of Chevy don't break hard! ease into a break by letting go of the gas to slow down. Combine all I said with properly inflated tires and you should see a few more MPG!!

    Hope this helped :3
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    I drove to the cottage a few weeks ago 160 miles including last 11 miles on gravel, 2010 crewcab with 4.8 4 speed and 3.23 gears on stock 245/70/17s. Completely stock suspension and powertrain. Decided to see how good a mileage I could get, empty except for me and a 150 pounds of gear, tires at 38 PSI. Took it easy and never went over 70mph. Result 22.7 MPG. On the way home I towed a small trailer with my boat (500 lbs total) and had my wife and an extra 500 pounds of gear and still averaged 19 MPG. I dont think thats too bad for a stock crewcab. Did the same thing in my '01 Astro with a 4.3 previously and couldn't get above 14 MPG.
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    I have to disagree, I had an 02 silverado 2wd and never got it stuck in the snow. We travel to northern Michigan all the time and never had an issue. I ran the Michelin LTX m\s tires. Yes, 18 inches of fresh snow, I am not doing all that well. 6-12 no problem. When I sold the truck the older guys looking at it had no problem with it being 2wd. It was the younger guys that were horrified that it was not 4x4 and asked if I parked it all winter. I can proudly say that I have not driven a honda civic :sign0020:

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