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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by dsquared, May 22, 2012.

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    My 97 K1500 w/259miles has some stumbling issues with low power. It seems like a fuel issue but I checked fuel pressure and its 55 psi at idle and maybe 53 psi when i rev the engine. Did not see any fuel on the vac hose on the regulator. The pressure did leak down to about 45 psi in about 60 sec. Checked engine vacuum ysterday and it was between 18-19 inches and very steady. Have not checked plugs or the cap yet but I would think if there were misfires due to them it would generate a code and there are no engine codes. What other things could cause this condition ? Someone mentioned a weak coil, is that possible?
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    Sounds like it may be the torque converter. My truck was stumbling/hesitating and had a loss of power. It was also surging. Had the torque converter replaced.
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    Pressure is to low should be at least 58 and hold this. Check with key turned to on.
    If regulator is good maybe pump or sticking poppet injector.
    A bad fuel pump will not bring a code . You may have some pending codes not set by ecm yet.
    You will get some if it keeps running like this.
    If you get a light take to auto parts store for free scan.

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