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    First off I am new here so hello to all. Second I have a problem that has me stumped. The truck I have is a 1991 1500 with a 350 TBI. It starts great when the engine is warm or recently driven, however when you let it sit over night it is completely random. If it is parked with the nose facing down hill it seems to start every time. It is parked with the nose facing up hill it generally does not start. It cranks and if you keep at it long enough it will eventually start. Another way I have found is to crack the fuel line and hit the key. It will then spit fuel out and after the fuel line is tightened back up it will start. I recently rebuilt the throttle body, which has helped, but the problem has not gone away completely. It has a new fuel pump, less than 5000 miles on it, a new fuel filter, less than 2000 miles on it, and a new fuel pump relay, just a little older than the fuel filter, I am thinking it is sucking air somewhere and not able to expel it until you crack the line. This is something that i have been fighting for a while. It seems to come and go and is worse at some times than the other. It does not generally have any care for the weather, cold hot wet dry it will just do what it wants. Hopefully someone will have an idea. I have a lot of other things that need to be done on the truck before winter, it is sooner than you think I live in Fairbanks Alaska, and want to get this figured out before i go on with the other stuff.

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