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Discussion in 'North America - Canada' started by poncho08, May 7, 2009.

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    this is what hapend when i was pulling in to the tire shop with a new tire tech behind the wheel of a costamers truck lol got a new bumper out of the dill lol
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  2. ct9a

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    Doh! I remember seeing stuff like this when I worked at the dealership. You'd be surprised at how ofter this happens.
  3. Silvercat

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    hired help..HELP!!!

    OUCH, hard to hurt a bumber of that quality. Wish I had one like that.
    When I was shopping for my truck I was over at a F_ _ D lot looking at thier products. You know how they have those ramps to display the deal of the week or some specialy equpiped fancy pants rigs...well, they have this really nice Ford Ranger with a young guy at the wheel....should I continue or can you fill in the blanks from here. LOL
    Well anyways he wasn't prpoerly lined up with the ramps, he started out nice and easy, then he gassed it a little and WHAMO he dropped the front right off the end of the ramp. In reality it didnt look that bad. But I bet they destroyed it trying to remove it from the ramps. I never saw anything leaking but the drive shaft did have a dent in it so it would probably wobble like a bugger.
    I was with a salesman at the time...I look at him, he looks at me and he shakes his head and says its the 2nd time that guy has ruined a vehicle. The last one fell off the hoist and killed the rad support and rad of a Ford Contour.
    Just another "Loose nut behind the Wheel" I guess. Glad it wasn't my truck is all I can say.
    Take care.

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