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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by chew246214, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. chew246214

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    Ok, Looking at a 2005 1500 crew cab short bed... also looked at the same truck in a 2500 hd... are the cabs the same size? the 1500 just seemed smaller especially the rear seat... I am real close to getting the 1500 due to the fact I do not tow anywhere as much as I used to and don't need the extra money in gas spent everyday. I know my kids carseat fits into the 2500, but I forgot the check on the 1500 and it's over 2 hours away... (They are willing to deliver it after a few things fixed) so I don't have to drive there again... I screwed up and forgot to check the seats.... any help as fast as possible would be great as I am about to buy the truck I think... (I left a deposit)
  2. murdog94

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    they are both the exact same cab, so the rear seat may have been playing games with your mind.. As long as they both have 4 fullsize doors then they are identical.
  3. chew246214

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    thanks... I found one a few miles from me also which I think I might just go doublecheck... A truck identical at a dealer just more money, and not a z71 so I might just drop on by after I drop my son at school this morning.... it might be my mind playing tricks.... or the looking at leather on the 2500 to cloth on the 1500... either way I need to be sure since my crazy wife bought this huge carseat that seems like it would only fit in the bed of the truck..... It is tight behind me in my suburban....

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