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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by 03HeavyHalf, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. 03HeavyHalf

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    Alright thanks to helpful advice from this site i got my new speakers. like them so much i ordered a 2nd set for the back. and a new pioneer deck. so what about subs? i heard i would need to get low profile subs, i was wondering if anybody had any good ideas for brands and sizes, i will probably do a double set up with the box under the seat but i might consider doing a single sub if its really worth it. any help is awesome again.

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    Do you have boxes picked out? If not, I've been looking at They make some really nice boxes for under the rear seat
  3. the phantom

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    I bought some 8" Boston acoustics for under my back seat. They list that they can be mounted inverted so thought ide try it. built my own box and Ive only got a 30 watts rms per channel alpine amp hooked to them right now but for the price Im impressed. Looking in A couple weeks to get a bigger amp though and I will update if they were truly worth it.
  4. 03HeavyHalf

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  5. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    JL Audio makes a stealth box specifically for our trucks. They're not cheap, but they're nice subs and a custom made box for the truck. That being said, I've looked at the boxes as well and those are a bit more configurable as far as specific subs you might be looking for. Just make sure you get some good subs and enough power for them. And make sure the box gives the subs enough space to do their magic.
  6. Burden33

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    Actually for his truck its mtx who makes one for behind the back seats i got one in my 2001 2500hd and it actually thumps pretty hard. I cant really remeber what i paid since its been a few years now
  7. 03HeavyHalf

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    One of my friends wants to sell me her 2 alpine type e 10" subs with a kendwood kac-8103d amp for $100. My only concern would is will there be enough room for the subs to hit in that box?
  8. Burden33

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    your fiine running those subs in the dual down fire box since it requiers 0.5 - 0.85 cubic feet of air space to run the sups and the box is .55 cubic feet of air
  9. sstoner911

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    Define "hit" :glasses: For the majority of folks those will do fine.
  10. moogvo

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    I just ordered a LANZAR VCTBS8 8" 600W Amplified Slim Car/Truck Subwoofer from eBay for $113.00 shipping included. Everything I have read about it online indicates that it actually is about 85 watts. It may be cheesy, but for that price, I am willing to take a shot. From the reviews I have read, the only bad ones were from people who were pissed that they couldn't aggravate residents and other car drivers at intersections with it.

    I am not looking to be a nuisance to anyone. I just want to enhance my basically factory equivelant stereo, so my expectations are not too high. I will have to report back about it's performance once I have it installed.
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