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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by azblazor, May 24, 2006.

  1. azblazor

    azblazor New Member

    Hello to the list.

    I'm in the Phoenix AZ area and have been driving and fixing Suburbans for a long time. My list of owned subs:
    1972 3/4t 4x4 383stroker/th400/np205
    1977 1/2t 4x4 400tbi/700r4/208 converted to 3/4 ton axles,rear disc, 4"lift
    1978 1/2t 4x4 402BBc/th400/np205 converted from sm465 4 speed man
    1984 3/4t 4x4 350/th400/np208
    1999 3/4t 4x4 diesel 6.5td/4l80e/nv246 autotrac

    I still have the 77 and the 99. I'm also partial to crewcabs and pretty much all of the chevy/gmc truck line. I struggle against owning too many chevy trucks and accumulating too many chevy truck parts.

    I also currently drive a 1996 K1500 Z71 extra cab with a 6.5TD (diesel) /4L80E and np241 and a 1986 K30 6.2 diesel/th400/np205. Also have a Chevy 1989 G20 handicap van for my mother. ( my wife drives a 01 Honda Accord) oh and I'm a V-Stromer - 2005 DL1000 Suzuki V-Strom. We have raised 6 kids and I'm a planner at a nuclear power plant. Ex-nuc submariner.

    We also have a 1987 K5 Blazer that has a TBI stroker 383/700r4/np208 with a dana 60 up front and a 14FF in back with rear disk brakes. We enjoy offroad trips, scuba, snow skiing, hiking, and most importantly our church, as we are born again christians.

    I think I got carried away, sorry about that. I look forward to learning from you all about your suburbans and sharing where I can.
  2. OldDiesel

    OldDiesel Rockstar 100 Posts

    Sounds like most of us could learn a thing or two from you! Welcome to the board!
  3. nemopoppins

    nemopoppins Rockstar

    asblazor, I see that you have or have had several diesels. That's foreign to me. Why do you prefer them and for what purpose? You too, Old Diesel, and any other diesel owners.
  4. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Diesels are gaining favor again for several reasons. I've been doing a lot of research into them lately.

    The fuel can be made from vegetable oil, peanut oil, etc. And it's not anywhere as explosive as gasoline.

    Diesels dont have the huge RPM range that a gasoline engine has. A gas engine idles at 800 and has a redline at something
    like 6000. A diesel on the other hand goes from like 500 RPM at idle to like 2500. That range is much smaller, making for less wear and tear on everything, including alternators, belts, etc.

    Most gasoline engines have a constant fuel:air mixture around 14:1. A diesel has variable fuel:air mixture, at idle it can be as little at 100:1, full throttle it can go to maybe something like 12:1. That's why the truckers can park their big rigs and let the engines run all night long. It's got very little fuel keeping the thing running.

    There are more reasons like this. There is a company up near Seattle that is in the middle of producing a world-class bio-diesel plant. I'm interested in finding our more about plants like this and if they will help drop the price of the fuel.
  5. azblazor

    azblazor New Member

    For myself I like several things about the diesel engine, especially the older 6.2/6.5 indirect injection engines that GM used from about 82 and are still being manufactured and used in various applications including military HUMMVS.

    They are very efficient and in the right vehicle package can get well into the upper 20 mpg range. In a 3000 (med sedan-el camino type) pound vehicle with a little aerodynamics they can easily get into the 30's and more with attention to driving habits. With normal driving in a light-duty truck they consistently get MPG in the high teens and can break into the 20mpg category. Again driving habits play an enormous part in achieving decent MPG in any vehicle - gas or diesel.

    Indirect injection Diesel engines can combust any mineral oil, used motor oil, used fryer oil, kerosene, jet fuel, .....the list goes on. My point is that they can run on an extreme variety of fuels. How long they can run is dependent on many factors though, particulate matter, contaminents, lubricity, acids, etc. But my point is that they can be run in an emergency (think Texas last year hurricane season - lines of cars on the freeway with empty "gas" tanks) on pretty much any combustable oil that you could find in a hardware store, grocery store, crankcase, get the picture.

    Typical Diesel fuel generally has more BTUs than typical gasoline. The engines by design are more mechanically robust and are a more thermal and volumetric efficient engine. Therfore in general you get more value/miles travelled per unit of cost with diesel engines. I believe this is true even with the higher fuel cost of regular diesel. It is even more value if you make your own bio-diesel, use vegatable oil, or some other process which provides a lower cost fuel.

    Diesels do require more attention to maintenance perhaps, and their injection systems can be expensive to replace/repair unless you do your own work.

    Well I also just like diesel engines. I like the sound and the smell. I also like the torque curve. I could keep writing but those are some points that appeal to me. Trivia: the diesel engine was a precursor to the gasoline engine and used peanut oil as fuel (Rudolph Diesel - I believe).
  6. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Various auto analysts have made the statement that they think that virtually even make/model of passanger car will be offered in a Diesel model in the next 2-3 years. I am going to look into a diesel for my next vehicle, that's for sure.
  7. OldDiesel

    OldDiesel Rockstar 100 Posts

    I came into my Diesel by virtue of the fact that it is what my Grandfather had, and I needed wheels. When it comes to my body style 'burban though, I just can't imagine having anything else in it. I love my truck, and it pains me to be in a position to have to sell it, but when it comes to trucks, diesel is where it's at. I'm sure that I will eventually buy another truck in the future, and to my way of thinking, it'll probably be a diesel too.

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