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    Hello all, I picked up a 2001 suburban it has a factory cd in the dash and a factory cassette in the console by where your hand lays if you leaned on the console while driving... My radio is starting to act up so I was going to replace it with aftermarket but what I want to know is what do you do with the hole in the console, I don't need the cassette and don't want a gaping hole there... do they make a cubby hole for it? I don't ride ems or police anymore otherwise it would have been a perfect spot for a 2 way but I'm stumped what to do with it... Was actually considering locating the new headunit there but then a big hole in the dash... I'm stumped.... any good ideas? pics would be even better..... thanks in advance

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    Here is a Couple of Pics of the Cubby Pocket in my truck,


    The Part number for this pocket is #15958735,the price is around $20.00-$25.00
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    good to know thanks, I will have to check to see if it fits... (it Should same size cass. deck I assume) The hole is actually where your cupholders would be.... facing up... but size should be the same... BTW jealous of the marlboros there.. just quit smoking again now 8 weeks ago......

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