Suburban Daily Driver?

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Geister, Jun 27, 2010.

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    $8K for a 1994 is kinda steep.. Low milage, the 350TBI is bullet proof. 3/4ton means it will handle anything that you throw at it. They really are a great truck. But i would see how low they will go. And milage would be 12-14ish, mabey a bit more.
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    Alright thanks for the advice
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    I paid 6k before the gas prices spiked and the economy crashed. I see them all over for 3k now. Mine is a '99 2wd with a K&N on the 350 and 3.73 gears with 235/75R15 tires. I get 14-15 if I flog her on the freeways (85 to 35 to 60 to 0 to 80 get the idea!) and can run a bit over 20 if I'm uber-careful on the open highway (60-65 mph and draft semi's as available!), 18-20 if I drive normally on the highway (70-75 on cruise). In town, we get around 10-15 depending on traffic and where we drive. Smooth on the throttle and think about your driving and you can eak better number out of one. Just drive normal to hard like most folks and yes, 15-ish mpg.

    Easy to live with, takes a little ingenuity to park sometimes and some patience with the length in a lot made for Hondas. But on the open road...yeah, let her run and enjoy the ride!
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    Now i would also want this for some mild offroading but is the long wheelbase going to be too much of a problem?
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    I paid $8000 in Dec for my 98 in the picture.....1 owner, 65,000 ORIGINAL miles...all I've done is Change the nerf bars,new tires, Hid's, regear it, recover the front seats and upgrade the stereo....but it came with everything you see plus a NICE dual amp, built in dual sub box and alarm. Good deals ARE out there. And it's pretty respectable off roading. And the ride offroad is light years ahead of the F250 I had prior.....I love the independent front suspension on this thing....just wish I could put in a limited slip in front.
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    As for off-roading, a long wheelbase full-size rig will OWN stuff Jeeps can't get on. Unless you are rockcrawling or doing some serious backwoods tree-weaving, a well set-up Burb should do fine. You will have to watch your break-over angle (getting hung up in the middle on the bottom of your truck) and the departure angle (the rear end hangs out there a ways) that can get hung up on hill climbs and going through dips and over stuff like logs and rocks. If you are just running fire roads and following un-maintained "roads", you'll be fine. A Burb can blast the desert and fire roads with the best of them, and dirt drifts are easy and controllable. Mione is 2wd an it still goes anywhere I point long as I can clear it...6 inches of clearance isn't much and I don't want to hole my oil pan being stupid...but she takes dirt roads and such just fine. I drift our local traffic circle when no-one with a badge is's a blast and scares the poopy outta the tuner kids!
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    I recommend you get a 96 or newer for OBDII. It will help with troubleshooting any troubles that come up. I like the 98-99's. If you're not in a hurry, look for a low mileage unit. Someone who kept it around as a second vehicle. Low mileage would be 10-15k miles per year. Let us know what you end up with.
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    Plus the Vortec Motors have WAY more power stock...

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