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Suburban is going under the knife

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Joeairforce, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Joeairforce

    Joeairforce Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    I've got this build going on another site but thought I'd post it over here too...


    Well due to a very slight bit of luck the Suburban is going under the knife. The 700R4 is coming out and a 4L80E is going back in it's place. :D

    Got the trans and the t-case I needed for the swap today...


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    Well.... It's out....

    Old and broke out...

    Workin on gettin the t-case split.... got stuck for the night....


    Hoping to get the t-case input shafts swapped out tomorrow and get the whole thing bolted back up... Then maybe start on the wiring harness swap tomorrow or Monday...Hoping to be able to drive Monday night/Tuesday mornin sometime....

    ---------- Post added at 09:07 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:06 AM ----------


    Well the t-case fought me part of the way, but I got it done!

    Both split apart...


    The reason for doing this whole ordeal...


    Both back together.... The one on the left all ready to go...


    OK... So I didn't get it bolted to the trans and the whole thing bolted up today like I wanted to.... Got the whole thing back together and function checked it and it wouldn't go back into 2WD..... So had to take it all back apart and check things out... Didn't see anything so started putting it back together and function checking it after every part was bolted back on this time... Well now it works like it's supposed to and is ready to go.... yay!

    So now I can get it all bolted back under the burb Monday.... I hope.... Then comes the wiring harness swap and wiring the computer up....

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    Since it's raining today and I can't do any work I've been readin up on stuff and may have hit a snag in this swap that will keep it off the road until remedied.... It would appear that the Dipstick/tube are different for a 4L80E as well as the inspection cover.... I'll need both of those before I can finish this...... I'm also gonna need the TCM holder that bolts to the firewall...... Hmm.... Slight setback.....

    ---------- Post added at 09:10 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:09 AM ----------


    Little bit of progress today....

    Got the t-case bolted to the trans...


    Uh oh.... Looks like it's time to pull the cut-off wheel and welder out....


    It's bolted up enough where I could pull the jack out and put everything up for the night...


    Still need to drill 2 holes for the rear cross-member holes... Right now just the front 2 are holding things up.... Luckily the rear holes on the frame lined up where the front holes on the cross-member are... Gonna have to unbolt it and pull the trans back enough to try and seat the converter all the way.... :mad: Thought I had it but I guess not...

    Oh look I got goodies from the UPS man today too.... :D


    ---------- Post added at 09:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:10 AM ----------


    2 steps forward and 3 steps back.....

    At least that's kinda how it felt tonight when I stopped...

    OK... so I did what I probably shouldn't have done today and went to Pull-a-Part without adult supervision...... So 4 hours and $120 later this is what I ended up with....


    When I got home I pulled the trans back down and got the torque converter to go in just enough more so it can rotate freely with the trans bolted to the engine.... Now the problem is the bolt holes for the converter don't line up with the flexplate holes.... :facepalm:

    On the plus side I got the garage straightened up enough where I can walk in and do work without having to walk over or around anything where it had become a little cluttered with having the Jimmy torn apart as well as the burb....

    Did a little test fitting on my 6.5 too.... Doesn't look too good for using the dual stat crossover on it....


  2. Joeairforce

    Joeairforce Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts


    Well I got a little progress done today....

    Got the trans pulled down and flexplate swapped and the trans bolted back up. Got the 2 holes for the cross-member drilled and got the cross-member all bolted up good.

    Got started on the interior wiring today too....

    What a mess...


    Starting to look neater..


    Going back to Pull-a-Part in the morning to get a couple more things and then more wiring work....

    ---------- Post added at 09:12 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:12 AM ----------


    Ok.... So I didn't get any progress done today on the burb.... but I did get more parts for it...

    Body parts.... (and yes the tailgate is fully loaded except for the glass that some nit-wit broke :mad: )


    Wire, fuse panel and spare parts...


    ---------- Post added at 09:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:12 AM ----------


    Got the junkyard harness gleaned down to be more manageable today...


    here's what i pulled out that I don't need...


    Here's the 4L80E harness...


    Ok... So it doesn't look like this is gonna be a plug and play swap at all.... So being I am the way I am and wanting this to not look like a swap mess.... I'll be splicing 3 harnesses together to make all this work (one from my burb, one from junkyard burb, and 4L80E one).... and since I'm also converting the speedo to an electric one, that just makes it all the more fun.....

    Darn me and wanting everything to look factory.... :hehe:
  3. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Epic Member Staff Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Looks like even though you've done a lot of work you still kave quite a bit more left, should make your Burb a very stout piece of equiptment when your done though.
  4. Joeairforce

    Joeairforce Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    Oh yeah... I've still got quite a bit of work left.... That's my plan for it. :glasses:
  5. Joeairforce

    Joeairforce Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    Well I got 2 of the harnesses split down more today and will take the harness out of the burb tomorrow to merge them all together....
  6. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Ha Ha I feel your wiring woes!!!

    When I was doing the engine swap in my 97' firebird, I had the BCM and harness, ecm and harness from a 94'. Took me 2 weeks but I got them all combined, I took mine inside the house to work on being that I could see it all better.

    Thumbs up for the great work your doing!!
  7. Joeairforce

    Joeairforce Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    Little bit of progress today... Got the trans harness stripped down to pretty much just what actually runs between the trans and computer, and got most of the harness that runs inside switched around to what i needed it to be.... Also got the harness pulled out of the engine compartment of the burb too so I can splice the two together....

    Trans harness is on the "bench" and the burb harness is on the floor...

  8. Caddiac

    Caddiac Rockstar 3 Years 1000 Posts

    Nice job! You have quite a project on your hands.
  9. Prospect62

    Prospect62 New Member

    Cool project and nice write-ups! Good luck with it!
  10. 80 grit

    80 grit Rockstar

    awesome work! I think I will enjoy mine for awhile but alas I see similar upgrades in my future....:glasses:

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