Suburban or Yukon XL vs Yukon/Tahoe

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  1. ForkEvolution

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    I am looking at buying any of the SUV's mentioned above, look at my post for more info. Other than appearance, and space, is there anything really different between these two vehicles, that may suit one driver better than another? Any type of similarities vs differences chart of some sort would be great. Thanks.
  2. z71boiler

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    Tahoe vs. Suburban - I traded Tahoe in for Suburban. I'm sure the Yukon vs. XL is similar
    Suburban feels better in slick conditions. Tahoe is a little squirmish.
    Had 5.3 in both, Tahoe was quicker out the gate, imagine mostly to weight difference.
    Space is Suburban is dramatically bigger IMO.
    Tahoe was easier to park and get out of spots, but the Suburban gives more of a get out my way vibe.
    The middle windows roll down all the way in the Suburban, only about half in the Tahoe.
    The tahoe was almost 2mpg better.

    In my opionion, it mostly comes down to do you need the space or would rather have the gas milage.

    The bigger decision is between Tahoe/Yukon or Suburban/XL. This is where options and look is more of a difference. For example, I think the Z71 (Chevy) looks better than a Denali (GMC). GMC usually has more luxury items than the comparable Chevy model, and generally you'll pay a little more for the GMC. I personally didn't like all the chrome on the Denali so I went with the Z71.

    Hope this helps.
  3. pipete

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  4. ecombe

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    For us it came down to storage. With the Suburban we can fit the three kids with each having a friend (which they often do) and still have room in the cargo area for all their "stuff".

    As far as GMC vs. Chevy product line for these vehicles - we were along the same lines as z71boiler. The GMC products have a little too much "bling" for us so we went with the Chevrolet LT.

    I like the off road look of the Z71, and the wife likes the street look of the LT. So we compromised and got the LT. :)
  5. Thundare

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    Well be sure to join my group, Its under my Siggy
  6. Jacqson

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    They are all similar except for the things you mentioned and the only difference would be comparing the 1500 Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban and Yukon XL 1500 with the Suburban/Yukon XL 2500's. Then there are some differences in the Frames, Drivetrains, Engines, Transmissions and GVW's.
  7. Dr_Zero

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    We have both a K1500 Suburban SLT and a K1500 Yukon SLT with 5.7 in both.

    The Yukon is faster off the line and has a better turning ratio but the Suburban get a tad bit better mileage I think due to the gearing.

    Storage the Yukon in good but the Suburban you cant beat the cavernous room back there when the thirs seat is out you can put all kinds of stuff!

    The ride is about the same but like I said the Yukon turns tighter.
  8. vncj96

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    You may find a little defferent ride going from say a denali yukon/XL to the Z71 suburban/tahoe and the GMC will have more power and AWD with the denali level.
  9. Kady

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    That because the suburan has a full second door. the Tahoe has the cut out of the wheel well, which inturn doesn't allow the window to go all the way down..
  10. z71boiler

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    Yep, knew that. Just pointing it out as a difference.

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