Suburban rear door handle replacement?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Deadkennedys29, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. yesterday while trying to fix my heater control issue.. i yanked my rear passenger door to hard thinking it was iced over but it was locked.. and snap.. and now the door wont stay latched at all! the little hook tooth that grabs onto the bar on the inside of the door frame seems awfully loose. Took the door panel off and investigated and all the rod's are connected and doing their job.. so my next question is. boy oh boy how hard is it to replace that latch assembly.. it looked pretty tight just looking at things :( but its an issue of while driving my door flying open haha
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    It could be dirty or frozen. Keep a towel handy, then spray the latch with brake parts cleaner. Work the latch a few times, close and open the door, then follow up with a light lube. I like white lithium cuz it won't run off, but just a little of your favorite brand will do the trick.

    You said snap - did the handle break, too?
  3. Thanks for the reply. tried it and now its stuck closed which is fine for me so i can get it to my buddies shop without having to bungee the door closed on the inside LOL. What a B*&^H it is getting those door panels off.
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    Well, sorry to hear all that. Those latches are pretty durable, and the problem is usually crud or alignment - I hope it works it out. Was the hook latch loose, or the whole assembly? I hope you didn't call me too many bad names...

    Those panels are a treat, aren't they? There is a door panel tool available that makes it easier to pop those off. I was given mine, so I don't know how much they are. If you get into those doors alot, it's worth the aggrevation you'll save!

    Keep me posted,
  5. Ah turned out to be the whole door latch assembly Long story short. Got it to the shop, so i didn't get charged for labor he stood that and walked me through it.. The thing crumbled into a bunch of pieces which for now remain in the bottom of the door lol. Shes working like a charm now. those door puller things are great i used one and it came off lickety split. the hard part was the trim around the handle lol but all in all i spent 2 hours tops and 30 dollars to fix. not bad.
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    Sweet! Good to hear it worked out.

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