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  1. cielodome

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    At this time I am presently in Southern California and so rust is not really an issue. However, I may be relocating to the east coast, West Connecticut area, and from a recent visit, it is surprising to see how any cars have some serious rust issues. I know that in some parts of Connecticut they will use sand on the road but in other areas, particularly in Canada (Ontario and Quebec) they use salt on the road. I was asking some friends in Connecticut and Canada about their strategies for rust prevention/maintenance and they all just mostly shrugged their shoulders in complete resignation. Is it really like this?

    I have searched the forum regarding rust issues but not a lot came up that was helpful. Is there a thread regarding rust prevention and maintenance that perhaps I missed that someone could direct me to? Or, if not, does anyone had good, practical ideas or suggestions or strategies that would be helpful more me to plan for this eventuality?


  2. Jeepman

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    I live in one of the worst areas for rust belts. I can suggest this. In the late fall before your first dose of winter hand wax your car. Not just the outer parts of the panels but the door jambs, bottom inner lips of the doors, fender edges and if there is painted metal on the inner fender I would wax there. It is time consuming but it does help a ton.

    I would also look at possibly getting the under chassis lined. In my area they use rhino lining or dura liner for rust proofing the under carriage. This is a cost of $450 or more but does help.

    Car washes are your friend and under body flushes too. Even if it will get a little dirty that day I still get them done to reduce the build up. I even wear rain gear and go to the do it your self washes and make sure to wash the inner fenders, under the floor boards and and pockets of the frame about once a month.

    Do not get a wash below 20F. I also make sure to drive my vehicles with the blower on high with warm air for at least 20 minute ride to make sure my locks and doors don't freeze.

    Good luck.
  3. TimTom64b

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    On top of what's been mentioned... spraying/rust proofing you vehicle with a rust preventative like fluid film goes a long way.
  4. bigbuck493

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    one of the biggest things is that your truck does come with a rubberized undercoat on all the frame rails. I live in Buffalo, probably the most heavily salted city in the entire US and I own a 2010 silverado that i believe was leased before I bought it because nothing had really been done to protect the undercarriage. all in all it doesnt really look that bad after 4 years of heavy salt conditions. the only place the coating is coming off on the frame is the very bottom of the rails. I am putting my truck on ramps and jacking it up on the ramps so I can install my lift, both the front and rear ranch hand bumpers I bought and while everything is off I am repainting it all with rustoleum products (undercoat, rust reformer,etc...) I will sand down the surface rust that is bad in any spots and layer the paint on thick and wherever it isnt that bad I will just blend the thick coats in with a coat or two in these spots. with maintenance every year or two doing this and spending under 30 bucks its a weekend project but it does work and its cheap
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    This past winter has been one of the most severe in recent memory. Up here in the Southern Ontario Area they mentioned that they exceeded the past three year salt spread per ton on just this winter. Yikes, in the near future I see a lot of rusty rocker panels and lower body panels. I do not see a lot of the 2000 to 2006 Suburbans or Tahoes, most of them in this area have gone the boneyard due to rust. There are a lot more silverados and sierras still on the road, but most of them have the ravages of rust on them as well. You can try and keep it at bay but up here its a losing proposition. some have had success but mostly failure.
  6. cielodome

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    It appears that there are several types of under coating available and I would think they are all pretty much the same, maybe even regarding price. is one of these undercoatings superior to the others?

    i did not know about waxing the car and many hidden spots before the winter so this is helpful. But wouldn't regular car washes wash off the wax, thus defeating its purpose?

    i have had some work done on this suburban and I don't want to see it rust away.
  7. poncho62

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    My truck is a 97 and has been regularly undercoated or oil sprayed,,,,Body is still very good, just a couple of minor rust spots which I plan on dealing with this summer

    004 (2).jpg
  8. Chesters

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    Not Eco friendly But a old boy from wis swears
    he keeps old oil mixes in keros or diseal and sprays his
    under carriage every fall, claims success so far.
    I also live on a farm in Il could work gravel roads to city
    would just soak up any excess! Have not tried this
    but might

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also use same mix for chain bar oil works well for me

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