Suburban Solid Axle Swap

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    Yea drugs are bad, but addictions, like an addiction to modding your truck can be just as painful.
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    Found a Burban body and D60 on open source, so all I had to build was the frame. And guess what, after 30 minutes of searching I found the GM specs!

    This is basically what I used as reference:

    Frame Arrangement.png

    And here's what I have drafted so far:

    And the body fits perfectly!

  3. BettyTheBurban

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    Well... 10" lift and 40" tires definitely won't work. Naive me was hopelessly crossing my fingers... Gotta lift suspension more or downsize tires. 40 tires 10 lift.png
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  4. BettyTheBurban

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    37s look a ton smaller, but it'll have to do. Maybe we'll build her up bigger in the future. (These aren't the rims or tires I'll be using, just open-source being used for sizing.) This setup right here gives me 23" between the ground and the frame.

    37 Tires 10 Lift.png
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    With the truss I'm fitting and 37" tires, I should have 8.25" of upward travel when one wheel flexes. When the whole axle is at full stuff it will travel up about 3" before we get too close to the oil pan. Do these numbers sound reasonable? (These are just maximum travel specs. The bump stops will keep everything from going farther than this.)

    Front Axle Flex.png
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    I think the 37s look good
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